The DeLaPaz Dazzler

January 29, 2016


We are not half way through the year. Our goal is to reach division by May. Some students have met this goal or are on the right track. To be on the right track they should be close to finishing subtraction. I will be sending a math facts report home next week to let you know where your child is on the Xtra Math program. Remember there will be a Floating to Fourth grade party for those kids that reached their goal!
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Box Top!

Our next deadline is approaching!

The class from each grade level

who clips the most will get an


with the best PE teachers around!

A few reminders:

  • This Box Tops sheet is for single box tops only
  • All Bonus Box Tops (worth more than one), Catalina register receipts, Campbell's Soup Labels and Tyson points can be sent to school in a Ziploc baggie.

Let's keep clipping, Conley!

PAWs Pride

PAWS Pride

This week each class extended the concept of team by developing a class goal based on the behavior matrix. Each class will have the month of February to meet their goal by demonstrating the behavior at least 80% of the month. If they meet the goal as a team, they will be rewarded at the end of the month. Ask your child about the goal and reward their class decided upon.

Classroom Goal

In the month of February we are working on our transitions. If we can transition quickly, quietly, and respectfully 80% of the time we will get a star for the day. If we fill our calendar up 80% we will achieve our goal. The incentive is an electronics party at the end of the month!

Valentine Party February 11th.

This time around we will be having a Valentine party that is an ice cream sundae bar. Below is a link to sign up for bringing in a supply. We will be doing the party in class and watching a movie. We will not need parent helper this time!

Valentine Party Supplies

Important Dates

Fridays- Reading calendars checked

February 1st- Yearbook orders due

February 11th- Valentine Party

February 12th- No school

February 15th- No School

Feb. 26th- Six Flags Due

Weekly Updates

We had a great presentation about bullying this week. The students learned a few strategies to help if they feel they are in that position.

This week I have seen a lot of silly behaviors happening. More behavior slips will be handed out for not making good choices. There have also been many PAWs handed out for making excellent choices in class.

In math and science we had Mrs. Dixon teach a lesson to help her in her journey to becoming a teacher. She will be coming in and doing a lesson here or there in the next few weeks.


Art is so much fun! we get to free draw,make cool projects,like our African masks also our very cool castles. I think it’s nice to have an art show because our parents can see the art we have done this year so far. I hope we have our art teacher Mrs.Davis next year,because she is a very nice person.

By Angel


this week in mucic we were playing bingo where you have to say a ryrhum and you put a chip on the one you have then you have to get one that is across or the corners so like 4 or 5.Then when you win you either get a bookmark or sticker it is your choice. by Mattie


This week in P.E we played a lot of games in the big gym.We also were cup stacking and we went on the rockwall.Also we were playing a game with the jumbo stacks at the big gym.Today we got to play a game called infectaed with 6 teams blue,purple,green,orange,yellow ,and red. by Daniel



In reading this week we did many things.One of the fun things we did was today,we made our very one of a kind news paper article.Mine was about The Wilderness in Wisconsin Dells.The Wilderness in so fun and that is why I wrote about it.That was the best projet of reading in the whole week is my opinion.


Math- Mrs. DeLaPaz

In math we are learning about geometry. Geometry is all about shapes. There are many different shapes and different sizes. The most common shapes are square,rectangle, and circle. There is a polygon and quadrilateral.The one shape that doesn’t have any sides is a circle.


Math- Mrs. Busky

Mrs. Bucky’s Math Class


In Mrs. Busky’s math class we are learning long divison and partial quotients. Recently we also started guided math were we swith stations, There is teacher time, writing in our math notebooks , doing journal pages and tech

time. I like guided math it is a smaller

group of kids when your learning which

makes it easier to learn and ask questions.

Social Studies

Social studies

In social studies we did this thing with cups. We had to stack them without our hands. We had a rubber band with 4 strings tied on it. There were 4 people in each group. Each person had to pull a string and lift the cups with it. There were 6 cups to stack. 3 were in a row and the other 3 were upside down stacked on them. We had to rearange it so it was stacked into a piramid like these letters


s s

s s s

But they have to be touching each other. And if it falls we have to redo it with the rubber bands you can’t do it with your hands. Also you can’t do it with any other part of your body and it was hard. It was easier with more people and we got it done faster with 4 than 1, 2, or 3. So what we learned is that the more people you have the more you can get done and it is faster.




In writing this week we played a game named kahoot and it is really fun so what you do is you :

have a qustoin up on the board and on your cromebook you have to pick a answer for the qustoins. And we do worksheets to like you have to read it then answer the qustoins.And during writing time it is really queit.And we have about 15 or 20 minuts for writing.

By: Kassidy Eltvedt