By Brinley Donohue

Kyrgyz Government

In 1900 russian settlers came to Kyrgyzstan and because of all the russian colonists, the Russians got the best farmland. In 1916 the Kyrgyz people were forced to join the soviet union. In 1936 The Russians forced the kyrgyz people to give up their farming culture and traditions and use the Russians ideas. In 1991 Kyrgyzstan joined the Independent states. They became a constitutional republic, like the US. The first Kyrgyz president was Askar Akayev.

The three main languages of kyrgyzstan are Kyrgyz, Uzbek, and Russian.


The Kyrgyzstan flag is red with a yellow sun in the middle. Inside the sun there is a red circle or ring with two sets of three lines crossing it. This represents 'Tunduk' the top of a kyrgyz yurt. There are forty rays on the sun that represent the forty original kyrgyz tribes. The red on this flag symbolizes bravery and the sun represents wealth and peace.

Kyrgyz national anthem

  1. High mountains, valleys and fieldsAre our native, holy land.Our fathers lived amidst the Ala-Too,Always saving their motherland.
  2. Dreams of the people came true,And the flag of liberty is over us.The heritage of our fathers we willPass to our sons for the benefit of people.
  3. chorus: Come on, Kyrgyz people,Come on to freedom!Stand up and flourish!Create your fortune!
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This is a yurt. It is a house than can be taken down and moved, like a tent.

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Bishkek is the capital of Kyrgyzstan. It has a population of about 1 million.

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The Ten Shan mountain range covers about 95% of Kyrgyzstan.