Sayania (say-on-ia)

The god of wind


He is the fourth son of Cronus, and the twin of Zeus. He is short in stature and is clever. Due to these factors and the ability to control wind and fly, he could be unnoticed when he was born. because of this he is immature and acts like a 5 year old. He is also shy and he is largely considered a hoax. He has the powers to control wind and can use his intelligence to mimic other gods with the wind. He can control waves, move lightning storms, and put out fire. He is the true all powerful. Today he keeps Olympus in the air. He really just does nothing else these days but play on his XBOX 360 all the time. When he gets angry or sad(or both) he gets very powerful and can destroy entire galaxies if he isn't calmed. He gets over things fast though and has never rage quit anything.
a creation of Alex Johnson