Operation Uphold Democracy

Kristen Phillips

A U.S. mission that was designed to keep peace and democracy in Haiti.

Who was involved?

Jean-Bertrand Aristide, the Haitians, United Nations, and the United States.

What happened in the mission?

The U.S. worked with Jean-Bertrand Aristide, who was overthrown by a coup d'etat, to bring democracy back to Haiti. Haiti was left in ruins, and no governing body. The U.S. and Aristide worked together to overthrow the "false" government and replace it with a democratic government to restore the peace.

Where and when did the mission take place?

  • Began: September 19, 1994
  • Ended: March 31, 1995

The mission took place in Haiti.

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Map of where Haiti is located. ^

How did the event unfold?

  1. The mission started when Jean-Bertrand Aristide took office by a fair election, but was overthrown by the army and forced to leave the country. When he left the country, there was no stable government left, and they were mistreating their citizens.
  2. The new government regime rejected all peace treaties from the U.S., and broke a law they made with the U.S. Clinton sent troops in to relieve the citizens from the brutality, and restore the government.
  3. The U.S. army of about 20,000 military personal along with 5,000 non-U.S. forces, worked with Aristide to restore the democratic government in Haiti. The U.S. started airlifting troops to Haiti to keep the the entry into Haiti peaceful. President Clinton dispatched a negotiating term which caused the top leaders to leave Haiti.
  4. The government control switched to The United Nations Mission in Haiti (UNMIH), allowing Haiti to return to order, Aristide to return to Haiti, and a peaceful election for the new president on March 31, 1995.
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USS America in route to Haiti with military personal aboard. ^

Why did the events occur in the way they did?

President Clinton's main goal was to get rid of the government regime in Haiti without a war having to take place. Before Clinton sent troops to Haiti, he sent a negotiation to Haiti to warn them of the potential invasion. Haiti rejected the peace agreement, like they have with all the other ones, causing Clinton to send troops in. The uncontrolled government in Haiti was treating their citizens unlawfully. When the troops arrived to Haiti, the main leaders of Haiti left. Eventually, Aristide was allowed back into Haiti, and the peace was brought back. The operation was completed without a major war breaking out. Since The Haitian leaders rejected several peace agreements, and broke a law they made with the U.S. Clinton was forced to send troops in to protect the U.S.
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Picture of U.S. troops airlifting to Haiti. ^

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