Merlin - The Lost Years

Book Report - Ethan Lenox



  • Y Wydffa
  • Church of Saint Peter
  • Fincayra (Druma)
  • Shrouded Castle

Plot Line


  • A boy woke up on a shore and had no memory of anything
  • Emrys lived in a village with his mother (Branwen) where he started having mysterious powers
  • A flaming tree fell on the village's bully and Emrys jumped into it to save him

Rising Action

  • He went blind and Branwen took him to the Curch of Saint Peter to take care of him
  • Emrys vowed never to use his powers again
  • He learned that he had second sight and he wanted to leave the island and get the rest of his memory back
  • He sailed across water until he landed in Fincarya where he met Trouble and Rhia


  • All of Fincarya had died, except for a small portion
  • Emrys and Rhia met Shim
  • Rhia was captured by goblins and is taken to the Shrouded Castle
  • Emrys goes and tries to save her

Falling Action

  • Emrys was captured in the castle and learns that Stangmar is his dad
  • Trouble was killed and Shim jumped into the Cauldron of Death, and grew larger
  • All of the hidden giants came and danced in the halls of the castle, which destroyed it


  • Emrys saves his dad
  • Rhia told Emrys that his true name should be merlin


Man vs. Man and Man vs. Self

  • Emrys went blind and could only see using his second sight
  • Fincarya was dying and Emrys and Rhia had to destroy the Shrouded Castle to save it
  • Rhia was captured by goblins and Emrys had to go to the Shrouded Castle to save her
  • Emrys had to fight Stangmar.


Friendship and Compassion

  • Emrys felt sorry for Rhia and tried to help her save Druma
  • Emrys was brave trying to save Rhia from Stangmar and his goblins