Majoring in Neuroscience at Stanford University

Education at Stanford University

Stanford University is a college located in Caifornia that has a wide variety of activities for all students and professors. With sports such as soccer, golf and football, many students may have scholaships to play at this school, or others might be there for educational scholarships. This school also includes several sports clubs such as swimming, sailing and rowing. I plan on going to this school because of the opportunities it offers me. They have a large research facility and is a home to many majors which includes a wide variety of students. With this being an Ivy League school, I am ready for the challenge it brings. Its motto of, "the wind of freedom blows," shows to me that this school offers you the freedom to let your life go free.

Neuroscience major

Those who want to major in neuroscience should have the willpower to be challenged. This major is a difficult one and it makes you think and use your brainpower to study the nervous system. Your interests should include studying behaviors, science and the the biology of all species. To major in this, the first step is attending a pre-medical school for four years. After that, one would apply to a medical school to continue another 4 years of school after a bachelor's degree. Once the eight years of schooling are completed, a one-year intership is required with a five to seven year residency. This totals to about fourteen to sixteen years of schooling.

What it means to be a Neurosurgeon

Being a Neurosurgeon does not just mean you perform surgery after surgery on random patients. You would get to know the patient before the surgery then care for them afterward. Not only do they do that, but they have to sit through monthly meetings to keep up to date with the newest ways to perform surgeries and the newest diagnoses for conditions. The Neurosurgery industry is a growing one with an 18% increase in demand in 2011. They earn about $355,000 a year and can go up to about $720,000 with getting an average of $70 an hour. The payments fluxuate with this career because as you start out, you make a small amount due to your inexperiences then it grows over the years. After about twenty years the amount of pay goes down because your age starts to increase and you do not have as steady of hands or as keen of vision. I want to go into this career because of my love for the medical field, a want to make a better community and improve people's lives and my interest with wanting to know why people get ill or act the way they do.

Being a Neurosurgeon is the experience of a lifetime and with the long and thrilling career of saving lives, one is garenteed to change the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is all invoved with Neurosurgeons?

A neurosurgeon would perform daily surgeries, take care of their patients on a personal basis and diagnose patients. They would also memorize all parts of the brain and the nervous system.

What is the job outlook and the salary?

With a growing industry of about 18% in 2011, Neurosurgeons are in a high demand. They earn a median pay of $350,000 with an hourly rate of $70.

Why do you want to go into Neurosurgery?

Having a large interest in understanding why things work and why people do the things they do is very important. If you have a love for the medical field and have a want to help people and mamke a difference in their lives then being a Neurosurgeon is the thing for you.

What activities and programs are offered at Stanford?

With a wide range of various sports and clubs that are offered, one can do almost anything they want to do while on campus. There are hundreds of different programs and several hundred majors can go there and recieve an education relevant to them.

Why would you consider Stanford?

Going to Stanford is the chance of a lifetime. With several opportunies being handed to the student, one can do whatever they want. It is an Ivy League school with an intense research facility program and a large group of students. This school is also one of the best universities for Neuroscience.

Where is Stanford? What is the school motto?

Located in California between San Diego and San Francisco in the town "Stanford" the school aquired the motto of "The wind of freedom blows."

What sort of schooling can follow after your bachelor's in Neuroscience?

After your four years of pre-medical school, one would apply to a medical school and finish their four years of main schooling there. After that, then there would would be a one year internship program followed by 5-7 years of a residency.

Who should consider majoring in Neuroscience? What kind of interests should one have?

Those who have an interest in behavior should major in this. With wanting a career in studying the nervous system and behavior, it is a good idea to study Neuoscience. Another thing that one should consider in majoring in this is that it is in the health-care field.