The Accident

Asia Ray

What happened

In 2009, on the way to work my mom got into a car accident. She was T-boned by an driver who was not paying any attention. Her car flipped once and landed on th side of the road. The air bag caught on fire; but she made it out just in time, with only a small flare on her skirt. My mom was badly bruised on her arms, legs, and neck from where the seatbelt gave her rub burn.


luckily there was two nurses in the gas station nearby to help her and call the ambulance. The person that hit her was okay too.

My feelings

When I first heard about the situation I felt so sad and helpless. I wished nothing would happen to her. Later that day my mom came home. I was so happy to see her.


This situation taught me at a young age that miracles do happen ans that when I start driving I need to be very careful.