Tragedy of September 11, 2001

By: Grant Sprout

Background of the tragedy

The day of September 11, 2001 will be one to remember for many decades to come. It was on this day where around 3,000 innocent men, women, children, police officers and firefighter were killed by terrorist actions in New York City. There were 4 airliners that were hijacked- two of which into the twin tours. The US and Al-Qaeda went to war for many years after the incident. The main headman for the attacks, Bin laden, was killed May 2, 2011.

Media Portrayal 1

Quickly after the incident on 9/11, the media portrayed the innocence of all Muslims in or trying to coming into the United States. After the event, a lot of citizens thought all muslims are bad and had connections with the terrorist activity. Many news sources showed propaganda with muslims and there was a drastic increase in security in the United States. The media showed significant increase in sympathetic portrayals of all muslims on newspapers, television and other forms of communication.
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Media Portrayal 2

Another big media portrayal was the views of George W. Bush. Many news sources criticized bush's actions and showed that he was a main reason for the attacks of 9/11. Many say that George Bush wanted war so we can gain a lot of power for our country. Also, in 2004 the video was released of his initial reaction while reading a book to some elementary kids. His reaction was very vague and he didn't seem very surprised. There are many conspiracies that "LIHOP" (Let it happen on purpose) and select government officials new that the attacks were going to happen but didn't do anything to intercept the hijacked planes.

Media Bias

There is a lot of bias that occurred after the situation on September 11. I have found that there are many different media articles that offer there own opinions and conspiracies. As soon as someone comes up with their own good opinion, the media is all over it. The writer of the media then can take it their own ways leading to such biases that occur. I believe that this leads to persuasion based on their own opinions. In fact, I was persuaded on many articles that I found because the authors context seemed very promising.

Historical Criticism

One major criticism of this event is Historical criticism. The way that all the news articles were written 15 years ago are said they would be much different if it happened today. Every single news article has it's own opinions on how the tragedy happened. Some say that there was bombs already planted in the towers, and some say that the fourth plane was heading towards the capital building. But in reality, we don't actually know whats the truth because there are so many different opposing viewpoints to this issue.
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Cultural Criticism

Another huge criticism from this event is cultural criticism. Soon after the attacks, all the United States was afraid that all the muslims living in the US would do harm. Everyone was or possibly still is very biased towards them thinking that they are all bad. For example, at airports, they take extra precaution and security measures with the muslims just to make sure they would or will do no harm to others. Still to this day, some are even afraid to fly on planes with muslims because of the horrid memories that 9/11 left on them. The america has a bad connotation when they see some of their culture, and automatically thinks terror know after September 11th.
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September 11 2001 Video.