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All About Me

I was born at a time on July 31, 2002. I have an older sister, Sarah, and a lot of cousins . My friends are Dezarei, Lucy, Raven, Holly, McKenzie, Christi, Ashley and Cora. My hobbies are drawing, singing, taking pictures, and annoying Dezarei. My interests are, art, music, taking pictures, singing, animals, and annoying Dezarei. My best skill is annoying Dezarei. My weaknesses are, talking, sometimes stop talking, and people saying to stop doing something. My career goals are to find out what field I want to work in and find a job in it. Finally, my one life goal, is to find happiness in whatever I end up doing.


On a self-esteem quiz, I got a 69 out of 100. My results were not what I expected. My number should have been lower. Above 50 means a high self-esteem. To maintain a high self-esteem, I can just continue to not think about what people think and do what I want. I have that good of self-esteem, but I do when I'm happy.
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Positive or Negative?

My result was what I expected. I'm in the middle. Sometimes I'm positive and other times I am negative. To be more positive I can try to remember to stay positive. To keep what positivity I have, I can keep doing what I do when I have positive thinking. For being more positive, I'll keep trying to look up when I can.
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My results were not what I expected. They could be small areas of interest, but not things I really want to take a job in. Except poets, lyricists, and creative writer. I would rather do that, but I don't think I want to it. Writing is one of the things I like to do, so I might do that. This year I found lots of things I could do. I could write, do photography, draw or paint, animate, or something else.
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Learning Style

Based on the results my learning style is auditory. I didn't know which one to expect. I started paying attention to the way we do things in class after this. I learn things the best I think when I write it down and hear it. The percents were close. Auditory: 40% Visual: 30% Tactile: 30% Results mean I learn well by hearing things. Auditory learners are easily distracted by noise and like music.
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Personality Type

My personality type was INFP. I is introvert. Introverts are more inside people and they don't do as well in big crowds as extroverts. N is intuitive. Intuitive people are good at reading between the lines. F is for feeling. Feeling people will sometimes choose based on what they feel instead of think. P is perceiving. Perceiving people will not judge right away and looks at things first.
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Brain Orientation

My results on a test were even. Left was 47% and the other 53% was right. I didn't know what to expect that's why I wanted to see what it would say. People that use both evenly can have characteristics of people left or right dominant. Results mean I used my brain evenly. A picture! V v V v V v V
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Personality Color

My color is blue. I think this color does relate to me. Blue is a color! What it means to be a blue person:

These people are deep, comforting, emotional, and naturally intuitive. I got intuitive on the 4 letter personality. ^^

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