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About Andrew Picone Painting

For homeowners who are searching for a high-quality house painting contractor, Andrew Picone Painting & Paperhanging, Inc. provides a solution. As a preferred interior and exterior painting company in Northern New Jersey, Andrew Picone is known for its exceptional, value-based services. From interior painting to exterior projects to wall paper hanging and design, Andrew Picone is equipped to meet the diverse needs of property owners in the area. The professional painters who oversee each project offer years of experience in addition to expert opinion which will leave customers with peace of mind in knowing they have truly chosen the right company to take over their home painting projects.

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A Top House Painter in Summit, NJ

Andrew Picone Painting & Paperhanging, Inc. has proudly provided painting contractor services to home and property owners across Northern New Jersey since 1960. As a family-owned and operated mainstay within the community, Andrew Picone continues to demonstrate many core commitments to the residents they serve. From top-quality, timely services to unparalleled workmanship within the industry, Andrew Picone is often remembered for its level of dedication to its most valued customers. The team at Andrew Picone strives to provide only the best in services. These painting professionals take great pride in being able to provide property owners with a brand-new outlook on their homes through the application of modern paint colors and high-grade wall paper.

Painting and interior design services

· Interior painting

· Exterior painting

· Wallpaper and wall covering installation

· Wallpaper and wall covering removal

· Interior staining

· Interior trim installation

· Decorative and specialty finishes

· Color consulting

As a highly regarded company with a strong reputation to match, Andrew Picone demonstrates its capabilities year-after-year throughout New Jersey. This premier painting service goes above and beyond to meet the unique and diverse needs of its customers. From customers who are unsure of which color to paint their home to customers who want to try something new with wall paper, the team at Andrew Picone is knowledgeable in these areas and more. New Jersey residents can be sure of a professional, customized experience that will exceed their expectations. For discerning customers who are ready to kickstart their home painting project, contact an interior painter near you for more information.

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What Sets Andrew Picone Apart

The team at Andrew Picone understands that hiring a painting service is an investment. When homeowners search for a painting contractor they search for a company that will respect and recognize their efforts towards home improvement. In short, customers search for a company that will boost the value of their property and improve its aesthetic appeal both inside and out. This is also the perspective that Andrew Picone takes when they approach every project it is hired for. The team at Andrew Picone is trained to put themselves in the shoes of each and every customer. The team will treat the customer’s home as if it were their own and they will put in the extra effort to deliver perfection. For instance, the team often takes over many DIY projects that have gone unfinished. The team will pick up where the homeowner has left off and will complete the task until the homeowner is completely satisfied. These are just some of the reasons why Andrew Picone is a company set apart from the rest.

There are many qualities that differentiate Andrew Picone from the competition. As a full-service residential painter in Summit, NJ the professional painters at Andrew Picone take the highest degree and level of care when completing a painting project. From the beginning of the project to well after the project’s completion—the team is here for each customer and their unique painting projects.

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Customer Service

At the very top of Andrew Picone’s list is superior customer service. The goal of the company is to find the best and timeliest resolutions that meet each customer’s needs. This includes thoroughly answering questions and presenting well-rounded suggestions for services so that customers can make the most informed decisions regarding their house painting projects. The team will work with each customer until that customer is completely satisfied. Rest assured that upon each interaction, a professional impression will be left at all times. This does not matter if the customer is visiting the company’s office location in person or if a team of painters is sent to the home—a professional customer experience is always at the core of everything the company does. The company’s friendly, customer-oriented painting specialists are available to speak with customers and provide the precise expert advice that savvy homeowners require as they embark on their next house painting project.

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Attention to Detail

Having been in the business for over half a century, the team at Andrew Picone understands not only how important the large-scale aspects of a project are but they also take into consideration even the smallest, most minute details when starting a new project. From unique architectural elements within the home such as vaulted ceilings or two-story entrances, to painting trim, to adhering to homeowner color preferences, the team is equipped to meet all of these needs with precision. For instance, when receiving a color consultation, the team is trained to not only probe into preferred paint color choices, but they will take these choices to the next level by educating the customer on how a paint color will look in both natural daylight versus how it will look under artificial lighting. Many customers have praised the team at Andrew Picone because of their commitment to go above and beyond in this sort of manner. Have peace of mind in knowing, the team of painters assigned to the project will get the job done right the first time around and based on the homeowner’s exact specifications.

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Planning The Project

The project managers at Andrew Picone will evaluate the specific needs of each individual customer and come up with a formal plan of action that will take the project from beginning to end. The team will consult with the client and take a deep dive into what specific outcome the customer would like to achieve. From painting the home in a color that will make it list-worthy if the home is to be sold, to meeting the visual needs of the homeowner, or simply because the homeowner has a favorite color or wallpaper pattern they would like to apply for the purpose of enhancing the home—no matter the reason for the project, the team is here to understand the special requirements of each and every customer and to deliver full project management and satisfaction.

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Insider Knowledge

Andrew Picone takes pride in their industry insider knowledge and hands-on experience. The company is fully licensed and insured to provide professional painting services within the area. In addition, with on-going trainings on topics such as safety standards and innovative painting techniques, the team at Andrew Picone is fully equipped with the exact knowledge that homeowners are searching for as they start their home painting projects. For instance, the team remains a longstanding member of the National Guild of Professional Paperhangers (NGPP)—a nationally recognized association that oversees industry best practices and education for painting contractors.

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Quality Workmanship

High standards of craftsmanship are at the forefront of everything the company does. With experience painting many surfaces, drywall, stucco, wood, concrete, textured ceilings and vinyl siding, there is no project too large or too small for the team at Andrew Picone. The highly-trained and talented team of painting professionals who represent the Andrew Picone brand are equipped with the exact knowledge needed to bring a homeowner’s dreams to fruition. They have ample experience in prepping these various wall types and with such diverse experience, the team understands what it takes to deliver workmanship that is a true display of each painter’s expert abilities and skill set. For instance, the team will take the extra care to protect furniture, flooring, appliances and cabinetry. Such high-quality work only maximizes the homeowner’s return on investment (ROI) for years of enjoyment.

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Honesty, Integrity, Courtesy & Care

Honesty, integrity, courtesy and care are what ultimately sets this company apart from the rest. Each staff member within the company was been hand-chosen for not only their experience and capabilities, but because of their commitment to the company’s core values and high standards of ethics. This alignment with the company’s central beliefs is what ensures each customer receives the high level of care and attention to detail they rightly deserve. The understanding team at Andrew Picone will treat each customer with respect, they will go above and beyond to create a remarkable experience and they will take the time necessary to gain a full understanding of what the homeowner is searching for in a painting contractor. The team is highly motivated, engaged and they are eager to please each customer. At Andrew Picone, team members interact with each customer through a lens of honesty, integrity, courtesy and care—qualities that have resulted in high regards from previous customers throughout the NJ communities the company serves.

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Interior Painting Trends & Wallpaper Design

A new interior paint color or a customized wallpaper application can leave the home looking and feeling spectacular! This is why the team at Andrew Picone specializes in the latest in interior painting trends and the newest in wallpaper design. When customers trust their homes to the painters at Andre Picone, they can be sure of a modern experience that is in line with up-to-date trends, popular color options and latest in wallpaper and wall hanging design available to the public. As trendsetters in the industry, the company has access to the highest quality brands and designers on the market. The team at Andrew Picone is so well-versed in these trending colors, that it also provides color consultation sessions for homeowners who may need further assistance.

For instance, many homeowners may be unsure of the colors they would like to choose for their new paint or wall paper project. With so many color options and patterns to choose from, there is no wonder why many customers may need assistance in narrowing down their choices. With awareness of all of the paint color and wall paper options available to the client, the team looks forward to helping each customer make the best decisions for their project. When it comes to choosing an interior paint color or wall covering, the team will take the time to discuss the project in its entirety with the homeowner—from the smallest aspect of the project such as colors, materials to be chosen, paint grades, prep work and applications procedures—the homeowner will be left feeling well-informed on these important decisions as they move closer towards the maintenance of their homes. The company offers the latest and greatest in green options for those homeowners who want to be gentle on the environment. For the best in local painting and wallpaper services find an interior painter in Summit by contacting Andrew Picone today.

For property owners who want to revitalize their home with a new paint color or wall paper design, and who are searching for a stellar home painting experience, Andrew Picone Painting & Paperhanging, Inc. is the right choice in services. For 50+ years, Andrew Picone has been a staple within the community. As a locally owned and operated service, the team at Andrew Picone understands the needs of NJ residents. Known for high standards of service and care, and services that meet every budget with fair prices, there is no wonder why Andrew Picone is a preferred local painting contractor. Andrew Picone provides a truly exceptional and memorable experience and there is no project too small or large for the team. From interior painting of one accent wall, to exterior painting of the entire house, the team is here to meet every customer’s need. Call to speak with a house painting specialist today who can schedule an in-home evaluation. During the evaluation, a custom quote can be provided as well as all of the details needed to bring the painting project to reality with the most beautiful results.

Ready for the finest in quality for an interior or exterior painting project? Contact Andrew Picone today to find a house painter near you.