Please Stop Laughing At Me

Maggie Conway


The book please stop laughing at me is about a young girl named Jodee Blanco. Jodee is faced with many challenges though her early life. She does not fit in at school and is different than her classmates. She wanted to be liked and to be popular like the other kids. As jodee got older the harder it was to deal with the pain and hurt. She moved from one school to the next but the problem doesn't. Her parents start to think that is her fault and that there is something wrong with her. Jodee becomes depressed and sad and she is lonely everywhere she goes. At this point she is just trying to survive life at school. When she graduates high school she leaves and never looks back. Till her school reunion when she is faced to go back and see all the people that once terrorised her. She realizes at this reunion that she likes the people that her classmates have become and that maybe they could be friends.

Character Analysis

The main character in Please Stop Laughing at Me is a young girl named Jodee Blanco. She has trouble fitting in and is different than other kids her age. She moved schools several times and although she has many bullies and feels she has no friends at times. There were people that helped her get through,"people like Annie and her band of misfits, her parents, aunt and cousins, Dr. Arnold, and Niko and her friends in Santorini." Page 268 They were always there for her and now she has a successful life and job and she can feel great like all these people told her she would be all those years ago.

Conflict and Resolution

The conflict in this book is character v.s. self. This is because Jodee alought she just wants to fit in but at the same time she says she would give anything to be popular. So she makes it impossible to make any friends that aren't popular and those are the kids that bully her. I believe the resolution in the book is when Jodee realizes that she doesn't need to be popular and she doesn't need high school to be successful in life. “I run out out of Samuels, jump in my car and drive away. That is the last time I will ever see the inside of my high school again.” Page 251


I Think that the theme for please stop laughing at me was that the bullies may forget what pain they caused some people but the victims will never forget. Also that it takes a long time to reconcile with the anger and hurt that you can feel trapped and stuck till you are able to let go of all of it and stop caring about what happened.I think another part of the theme for the book could be to tell people what really happened to make them listen and to try and stop/reduce bullying.

Textual Evidence

One moment that really stuck out to me were when Jodee was at the party at her friend callie’s house and jodee was so uncomfortable with the actions around her she called her mom to come pick her up. That is when all of her friend turned their backs on her. And the cycle of bullying begins to repeat itself at Morgan Hills her new school. Another part in the book that was very memorable was when Jodee was held down against her will by football players and they started to stuff snow down her throat, so much so that she begins to gag and can’t breath. The next part that really popped off the page to me is when godee came home from her public speaking competition Where she had old memorise brought up by a former classmate, she wanted the pain to stop so badly that when she got home she took a large kitchen knife and began to cut her face with it.My personal favorite Quote from the book is on the last page when Jodee says, “ I take a long, deep breathand do somethin I neverthought I’d had the courage to do--but know I must inoder to be free. I let go. I let go of all the hurt and anger that has held me secretly hostage all these years---the rage over tears shed and words never spoken. I let go of the bitterness and sadness, the loneliness that has haunted me, and the stale, unfulfilled daydreams of my youth. This is a meaningful quote tward the book because it shows that Jodde has “ let go” and does not have to carry around the burden of what happened to her all those years ago. She can move on with her life.

Book Review

For a rating I would give this book 3 ½ or a 4 I think that it was well written and it had a good message. I think that It helped many people understand what was, is, and has been happening. However I think that parts of this book may have been over exerted and or filled in, not the big things or the events so much as the dialogue and the little details, things that would have been very hard to remember. I also that some parts were hard to read because It became long and trying.

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