Grinch Activity

Our holiday ELA project!

Your task is to...

With your assigned group, (1) determine the theme of How the Grinch Stole Christmas, and (2) compose a summary of the movie.

Step 1: Create your platform.

1. Create a Smore flyer.

2. Create a Tackk flyer.

Step 2: Include, within the platform you chose from above, a P.E.E.L. paragraph about the theme of the Grinch.

Be sure to include ALL of the following in your paragraph:

  • Point
  • Evidence #1
  • Explanation #1
  • Evidence #2
  • Explanation #2
  • Evidence #3
  • Explanation #3
  • Link

Step 3: Compose a summary of the story.

Be sure to include:
Big image

Step 4: Ask your teacher how to turn in the activity!