Reef Vacation!

Johnny Pache

Where to?

Want to go explore an amazing coral reef but don`t want to deal with the hassle of going to international waters? Then the Florida Keys Coral Reef is the answer to your problems!

What you need to know:

A few facts:

The reef is located a few miles seaward of the Florida Keys (about 4). It is the only living coral reef in the continental US. It lies within what is considered an underwater national park (The first of its kind). Because the Florida Keys are US territory, no passport checkpoints are required unless if you travel there by plane. The reef attracts thousands of visitors each year and they all leave saying one word, WOW!

Possible Health Concerns Scuba Diving:

  • "Squeezes"---Pain in your ears or face mask as you descend due to change in pressure
  • Barotrauma--- when you are rising to the surface of the water (ascent) and gas inside the lungs expands, hurting surrounding body tissues.
  • Decompression sickness---Inert nitrogen gas that is dissolved in body tissues and blood comes out of solution and forms bubbles in the blood. The bubbles can injure various body tissues and may block blood vessels.

How to avoid Health Problems:

Major Health issues are not very common in recreational scuba diving. As long as you are within your personal boundary of comfort and doing as you are supposed to then there won`t ever be a problem. Make sure you always: breathe normally, only dive within the are you are instructed to do so, never panic and have fun!

What should I do while i am here?!

.Scuba diving in the Florida Keys Reef

.Dolphin encounters


.Art & Culture attractions

.And LOTS more!

Remember the Florida keys is composed of many islands each unique in its ways to have fun and enjoy your time!