Survival Guide for Devon Island

Allie Summerlin

Devon Island

My plane crashed here in North America at Devon Island I have no food or any materials. The temperture here ranges from -7 to -20 Im not crazy about the cold. Hope I make it out of here alive.

Animals in Devons Island

Here in devons island there are some animals such as wolfs,muskoxen,and polar bears. I would hunt for wolfs but these animals are very vishes so they mite eat me first. I would also hunt for polar bears so i could use there fer for wormth and very sharp nails as a weapon but, an order to cetch the animals i have to have a weapon i would use a stick and use a piece of rock and tye it to the rock using my close fabrick.


there are not alot of plants here but there are a few such as the Arctic Poppy, Dryas Intarifolia, and the pedicularis sudetica. there Arctic poppy would be good because i could eat the poppy seeds but not the hole plant worms live in some of the and some are poisness.
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What i need to survive

What i will need is shelter,food/water,weapon,and a fire. i Will need weapon to hunt for my food, i need to fine a closed area for my my fire so the wind dosent blow it out. wish me look while i go find shelter