Carter Blubaugh

Job Description

A typical day for an accountant involves working at a fast pace at a desk dealing with the financial aspects of a business. Responsibilities include preparing asset, liability, and capital account entries by researching and analyzing account information, documenting financial transactions, and making financial decisions based off the financial situation of the business along with many more tasks.

Working Conditions

An accountant does the majority of their work at a desk but do a lot of communicating with their team since they work together. Since accounting is such a broad career, there are many jobs within it and multiple accountants for one business. Accountants work at a fast pace and have a busy three-month period of the year when they can work 55-80 hours in a week and be stressful. However, the average time an accountant works is 40- 50 hours in a week.

Training/Education Requirements

Most employers require a 4-year bachelor degree to work in an accountant or auditor position. Accountants need to have their CPA or Certified Public Accountant certificate.

Personal Characteristics

  • Knowledge of the lastest accounting rules and theories
  • Organized and Structured
  • Accurate
  • Accountable
  • Cooperative
  • Creative
  • Trustworthy
  • Good Communication Skills
  • Ethical

Earnings and Job Outlook

For entry level positions, it is normal to get around $40,000 a year and for experieced accountants it can be up to $106,000 so there is advancement in the job. A normal amount of 15 paid vacation days are allowed to accountants. It can be difficult to find an entry level job as an accountant because it takes harkwork and dedication to be an accountant and you have to sell that to your interviewer.

Education Spotlight

University of Minnesota-

University of Massachusetts-