Sir Francis Drake

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The Basics

Name: Francis Drake

Born: 1540 A.C; Devon, England

Death: 1596 A.C; Portobelo, Panama

Parents: Edmund Drake, Mary Mylwaye

Spouses: Mary Newman

Children: No children

Exploration Information

Sir Francis Drake was a British explorer. He did his first exploration at age 23, sailing to the Americas. He explored again in 1568 with the Hawkins fleet. He made two voyages to the West Indies in 1570 and 1571. He circumnavigated the globe in 1577, and his journey ended in 1580. He also made several other explorations during this time.

Successes And Failures

Most of Drake's explorations were successes. I was unable to find any failures. Lucky for him, he was very successful and made much profit.
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Sir Francis Drake had quite a impact on the world. He was the first to circumnavigate the globe, which was quite a feat. He looted several cities. He gained fame and wealth. What more could he want? He still has world-wide fame.