The Articles of Confederation

by Katherine Laws


The Articles of Confederation by HistoryTunes

what are the articles of confederation?

The Articles of Confederation are considered the first form of government in the United States. They were created by the Second Continental Congress.

Advantages of the Articles of Confederation

  • It included a unified USA army.
  • The government could form and monitor an army.
  • Each state had one vote in the legislature.
  • Government could represent the country when dealing with foreign affairs.

=====why did the confederation fail?=====

Weaknesses of the Articles of the Confederation

  • The laws could not be enforced by the government at a national level.
  • Taxes could also not be enforced by the national government.
  • 9 out of 13 states had to commit to pass a law.
  • In order to amend a law, the vote had to be unanimous between all 13 states.
  • There was no executive or judicial branch, only legislative.
The Articles of Confederation in One Minute

Why do i think that the delegates made a weak central government in the Articles of Confederation?

In my opinion, the politicians that attended the Second Continental congress intentionally formed the government with a weak central government out of fear of a strong one. Based on their past, the citizens of the United States were frightened to create a government where the central government was too overbearing, similar to the experience they endured when Britain's government was too overbearing on America. Thus, they placed an exaggerated emphasis on this focus, which led to an excess of this fact and a variation of problems. Also, the government may have simply tried to be completely different that the British government because they felt it didn't work, so they chose to take a totally opposite route.