November Newsletter

Asbell Elementary

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Use Curiosity to Motivate Learning

Children whose accomplishments are smothered by rewards such as candy, money and excessive praise often feel they are only successful if they get assistance or such rewards.

Successful learners are “intrinsically” motivated—
stimulated more by their own curiosity than by any reward or bonus. They are rewarded internally for their own successes.

To promote intrinsic motivation, parents can:

  • Allow reasonable independence to explore. When your child has freedom in play, it allows him to see the effects of his actions. When he creates something with building blocks, he has something tangible that represents his efforts.
  • Provide learning challenges that will increase your child’s motivation and strengthen his feelings of success. For example, if he has just learned a part of the multiplication table, challenge him to move on to the next part.
  • Ask your child to evaluate his own efforts. Ask, “How do you feel about this paper you just wrote? Are you proud of your effort?”
  • Avoid excessive rewards and praise. Instead, comment on your child’s effort and persistence, as opposed to his actual accomplishments. For example, “You have been working on your math homework for an hour. I am really impressed with your diligence.”
Picture Retakes will be on November 6th for those students that were not present on picture day in September or for those who would like their pictures took again.
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Please plan to attend a family movie night on Friday, November 13.

6:00 Doors will open

6:30 Movie will begin

7:30 Intermission

Free Popcorn during intermission.

Bring your chairs or blankets.

Also feel free to bring your dinner, snacks and drinks.

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6th Picuture Retakes

13th Ladybacks Game 3rd and 4th 9:45-1:00 Family Movie Night 6:00

17th 1st Grade to Shiloh Museum 9:00

19th Annual Thanksgiving Lunch 1st grade to high school for play 12:30

20th Roadrunner Rally 8:15-9:15 2nd grade to FPS 10:00

23rd-27th No School –Thanksgiving Break