A Country of War and Battle

by: Daisy R. p~2

"War, terrible war." The treaty of treason began. This treaty is what changed everything for this country. No this country is not the United States we know today. But a country that evolved from it. That country was Panem. But what makes Panem different from all the others is that the government will do anything for power, even if it means killing their own people.

Panem has 14 different areas across the country. There is a Capitol and 13 districts, but only 12 districts remain after the Dark Days. The Dark Days is when the 13 districts rebelled against the Capitol. The Capitol, to gain control of the districts, The Capitol bombed District 13 to show who was boss of the country. The rebels ended up losing to the capitol so in result, The Capitol made a thing called the Hunger Games, to remind the districts what happened when the districts rebel. Basically, the Hunger Games is where The Capitol takes a boy and girl from ages 12-18 from each district then all 24 tributes fight to the death until one tribute remain. The lone tribute is crowned victor and is given riches and a very nice house in Victor's Village.

The most common districts to have victors is districts one and two. They are the most likely to win because they are career districts. Usually, it is illegal to train for the games, but not these district one being luxury items and district two being masonry, weapons and peacekeeper (army) these districts are the most important to The Capitol. Districts one and two are known to the other districts as the Capitol 'lapdogs'.

You get picked for the games by volunteering or you get picked form the lottery called the reaping. And just to be clear, the reaping is not the kind of lottery you win money. The older you get, if you are still eligible for the reaping, you have a higher possibility you have of getting reaped and going into the games.

Well now you Know what may know what it's like to live in Panem. What the government after the rebellion. This also shows what the government might just do for power.

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