Egg Drop

By Cayden Egnarski

Egg Contration

The problem we had to solve was how to get an egg to survive a 45 foot drop. The way me and my partner solved it was we had to make a contraption that would cushion the egg and make it fall slower, so it would land safely. The way me and my partner made are contraption was we used two dix cups and put 5 packaging peanuts 2 cotton balls and Styrofoam in the Dixie cups to cushion the egg, and we also made a parachout out of card board and 2 pieces of paper. Me and my partner did what we did because we wanted to make it fall slower, but we also wanted to make the egg tight so it would not have room to move or crack. The way we would test are contraption is we would stand on the table and drop it from there. After we would test it we would make improvements, and start again. Are final test we dropped it from the top of the stair case. Then we made some more improve ments to make sure it was perfect for the 45 foot drop of the later or the fire truck.


We made a lot of adjustments to are contraption because when we dropped it we ether wanted to cushion it better or make it fall slower. A few of the adjustments that we made where we add Styrofoam. We also where going to use a plastic bag for are Para shout but then we used cardboard and paper for are Para shout, because it fell slower, and it was more sturdier. We where only going to use cotton balls for the pretention so the egg did not crack. But then we found out we could use packaging peanuts, so we ended up using both for more pretention.

The Big Red Fire Truck

The day as come so we get are egg ready to drop from the 45 foot fire truck. The fire man dropped a lot of peoples eggs then finally it is mine and Cole's. He let go of it and it went done hard. Me and Cole both thought it was cracked, but when we opened it was not cracked any where!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

If I Could Change AnyThing

If I could change anything I would put straws on the bottom of the cup to make it spin like a helicopter. I would also add another Para scout but it would be made out of plastic bag. That is what I would want to change if I could.