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A Newsletter for the families of Young Scholars


Welcome to The Scoop, a newsletter dedicated to the Young Scholars Program of District 196. This publication will come out three times this year. It will feature stories about your Young Scholars in school, after school, and outside of school. This newsletter will also include information that you might find helpful to your family...... places to go, books to read, people to know about. We hope you enjoy learning all about this program and some of the opportunities our district can provide to you.

The Young Scholar Specialists of District 196.

Perspective Photos and Poems from Rosemount Elementary Young Scholars

Why is my student in Young Scholars?

Young Scholars is a program that is in every one of the eighteen elementary buildings. It seeks to identify and serve potential high ability students who may go unnoticed due to cultural differences, language barriers, and socio-economic factors. The Young Scholars program is one of eight exemplary programming efforts for serving families from a variety of backgrounds. The ultimate goal of Young Scholars is for students to see themselves as ready to experience rigorous course work in the middle and high school level that prepares them for college. Students are identified each year and are offered programming with the Young Scholars teacher based on their exhibited potential. Young Scholars serves students in kindergarten through fifth grade. A key part of the Young Scholars program is the week long day camp that is offered to students completing first through fifth grade. This camp extends the school year for students and exposes them to the science standards they will learn the following school year through hands-on activities and field trips. For more information about the Young Scholars program in your building you can contact your building Young Scholar teacher or Pam McDonald at 651-423-7945.

"What Young Scholars means to me...." featuring Young Scholars from Cedar Park

"Young Scholars is a fun educational group of kids who will have a bright future.... Young Scholars is the future of the United States." ~Quynh

"My name is Ria and I have been in Young Scholars my whole school experience....Young Scholars is a privilege. You don't just get in it. Young Scholars is the best thing ever!" ~Ria

"My name is Eden and I love Young Scholars and I'm proud I'm in it." ~Eden

"Here are some things you will most likely do in Young Scholars....1. go on the best field trips 2. Work together 3. Learn new things every second!!" ~Ben

Young Scholars at BizTown

Young Scholar students from Woodland learned about the important elements of community and economy, work readiness, financial literacy, and business management. As part of this unit, students spent the day at the Junior Achievement BizTown site on October 28th.This on-site visit provided students with an opportunity to apply what they learned in a realistic setting. Each student had a job, produced and/or sold products and services, received a paycheck, worked on a business team in order to pay off a business loan, shopped and managed a personal bank account. Throughout the program, students were encouraged to use critical thinking skills to learn about key economic concepts as they explored and enhanced their understanding of free enterprise.

Diamond Path hosts an Open House for their Young Scholars

Diamond Path Elementary was the first school in the district to hold their open house for their Young Scholars this year. They had a great turnout too! 32 students, 54 family members and 2 staff members attended the event. The students and their families had a chance to do some Inquiry Science Experiments that focused on Sound, Energy/Force/Air Thrust, Gravity, Air Resistance and Surface Tension. They also had the chance to play many of the creative thinking games used in Young Scholars, like Qwirkle, Q-Bitz, Banana Grams, Blix Blocks, Square Up, Tangrams, Cross Eyed, PicWits, Smart Mouth, Spot It, and Twister Math. They were able to explore the different websites as well, like MobyMax, Edmodo and use the Diamond Path website to access Math, Reading, and Test prep sites. On top of all of that, the families enjoyed playing basketball and using the jump ropes and hula hoops! It was quite an eventful day! Ms. Thomas, the Young Scholars Specialist from Diamond Path said her favorite part of the day was being able to connect with all of the families!

Below are some pictures from the Open House.

Upcoming Opportunities/Field Studies

The Black Snowman

Thursday, Feb. 20th, 12pm

Steppingstones Theatre

The fifth grade Young Scholars will participate in this opportunity.

Then Now Wow/Stories of Mn Inventors/Unpacking an Immigrant's Trunk

Thursday, March 20th, 10:15am

Minnesota History Center

The third grade Young Scholars will participate in this opportunity.

Step Afrika!

Wednesday, May 28th, 12:30pm

Ordway Theatre

The second grade Young Scholars will participate in this opportunity.

Reading time... an important family event!

Both parents and teachers have expectations about student learning and student progress. One of the best ways to help your child progress in school is to read with your child. Listening to your child read and reading to your child is important no matter the age of your elementary student. Reading books and magazines to your children that YOU find interesting is a good way to start on your end. However, knowing your child's reading level can help you help them chose books to read that are interesting and appropriate. Ask your child's Young Scholars teacher for book suggestions once you know your child's level. Your child's classroom teacher or your child can help you find the level your child is currently reading at. This spring we will sponsor special Young Scholar evenings at the public libraries in Eagan, Apple Valley, Burnsville and Rosemount. These evenings will give you an opportunity to meet the librarians and learn about the many programs they have to offer you and your children.

Community Gardening at Highland Elementary

The Young Scholar students from Highland Elementary had fun planting and harvesting in their new community garden that is shared with Scott Highlands Middle School. After the harvest, the students also prepared vegetables and zucchini bread for a school lunch. All fourth and fifth grade Young Scholars were invited to the ribbon cutting ceremony this fall and it was featured on Kare 11 news!

Young Scientists at Thomas Lake Elementary

Fifth grade Young Scholars at Thomas Lake have been busy conducting scientific experiments with landforms and erosion, while their third grade friends share their research project to extend their learning about crayfish.

Star Tribune features Young Scholar Program!

The November 17th edition of the Star Tribune featured our Young Scholars Program in an article in the Dakota County South Metro Section. Check it out!

This publication is written by The Young Scholar Specialists of District 196

Molly Andersen, Westview

Michelle Clendening, Highland

Jason Elias, Thomas Lake

Maureen Greenberg, Woodland

Karol Hanson, Shannon Park

Marilyn Hemsey, Northview

Kathy Howell, Deerwood

Joan Johnson, Parkview

Shelley P-Kohlweiss, Greenleaf

Stephanie Madson, Southview

Jen Maloney, Cedar Park

Chris Manwarren, Rosemount

Jill Marsh, Pinewood

Traci McCarthy, Red Pine

Christine Mulcare, Glacier Hills

Jody Paulsen, OakRidge

Patsy Ryan, Westview

Judi Thomas, Diamond Path

Beth Wakefield, Echo Park

Pam McDonald District Office, district lead teacher