Family Newsletter January 22, 2021

Dear StepUP Families,

We hope you are well and staying safe on this snowy day. We apologize for the confusion this morning with our in person instruction for those that come on Fridays, but we are thankful that everyone was able to stay safe.

We are continuing to plan for our re-opening, please expect more information coming with details of what that will look like for your student. We know that it can be confusing because our campus supports students Kindergarten through Transition and the plans for each program are slightly different to match the campuses throughout the district. We are working to create sections of information so that it is not overload with all of it in one place. Please expect this information in the next week.

Until then, thank you again for your partnership to serve your students, we so very much appreciate you,


Karen Mitchell


  • Semester 1 Ends (Elementary only) - January 28
  • No School - Elementary only - Teacher Preparation Day - January 29
  • February 2nd - all students return in hybrid format, also first day of second semester for elementary

  • No School- Curriculum Day - February 1st
  • February 8th - Elementary begins all students attend, Transition begins all students attend M, T, Th, F
  • February 15th - No School - Presidents Day


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For the remainder of the month of January, Transition is grateful to offer Limited In Person Instruction (LIPI) from 8:40 -10:40 Monday/Thursday and Tuesday/Friday. Some online courses continue as is, while others have ended, along with new ones being designed to be presented in a model for both in person and online in the Google Classroom. Congratulations to all Transition students who participated in the Oregon Food Handlers online class as everyone has earned their certification. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Kate or Liz. Should the scheduled plan change for any reason, the Transition staff will contact parents and students. Thank you for your continued support and flexibility.


Dear Transition Families,

This is a letter concerning the Covid-19 vaccine. St. Charles is currently vaccinating the Phase 1a group. The Phase 1a is as follows:

As you can see this includes people with intellectual disabilities, developmental disabilities and their caregivers. If you or your student fall into any of these categories you can go to the St. Charles website and register. Here is the link to the page:

Please if you have any questions do not hesitate to reach out to me.

Nurse Laura,

StepUP at Edwin Brown Education Center

541-923-4868 ext. 4432


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4-7 NEWS:

The 4-7 classroom staff is looking forward to our students returning to a hybrid schedule. We will enjoy getting to see them more often, and outside of LIPI! We’ve started our next section of SEL, self-awareness. We are learning about this topic in order to improve our social and emotional learning skills. Self-awareness means having an accurate understanding of one’s own strengths, challenges, values, and dreams for the future. It is important to learn about ourselves so we can work towards achieving our goals in the future.

How do I sign up for text updates from Redmond School District?

You can receive text alerts about upcoming school events, attendance notifications, inclement weather delays and emergency notifications. To opt in, text “Y” or “Yes” to the number 67587 using the mobile phone number on file at your student’s school. You can opt out of these messages at any time by replying to one of our messages with “Stop”


Addressing Anxiety in Children

It is important to remember that feeling anxious, scared, sad or worried is a common response to a crisis situation like a pandemic. Support from loved ones can help individuals bounce back from challenging situations in due time. If your child expresses feeling anxious about COVID-19 and returning to school, equip them with the information and tools to feel more in control of their situation. Review how to properly wash hands, wear a mask, and maintain appropriate social distancing.

We can all be models for our students by demonstrating healthy ways to cope with and manage stress. Consider modeling and teaching the following coping strategies to your children: taking deep breaths, counting backwards, drawing or journaling, squeezing a stress ball, or taking a walk in the fresh air.

Additionally, establishing consistent routines can be a great way for our students to feel a greater sense of control and predictability in their lives. Consider scheduling set times for physical activity and movement breaks, relaxation, and peer socialization through technology or in person (when outdoors with appropriate social distancing and masking). Additionally, make yourself available to check in with them frequently to assess how they are feeling.

If your child is displaying significant difficulty with anxiety or any other mental health concern, please feel free to reach out to StepUP’s Mental Health Specialist, Marisa Calvert, at (541) 923-4868 x4416. Additionally, all students have been invited to join Miss Marisa’s Canvas course titled StepUP Mental Health Supports, which provides information about mental health resources and supports.


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