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A family Newsletter: Week of November 12th

Campus Character Rings!


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Device Fees

If you have not paid your 2018-2019 device fee, please do so as soon as possible to avoid having to pay full price for any damages that may occur. You can pay at or in the front office. If you are concerned about money, please see Mrs. Pardue in the front office.

Late Students

If your student arrives past 7:45am, a parent or guardian must walk them into the building and check them into school for the day for state reporting purposes. Thank you!

Golden Nuggets from our Counselor, Mrs. Golden

Feeling angry is a natural human emotion. Quite often it can be a very positive emotion. Good things can sometimes evolve out of anger. But when anger is destructive, when it hurts others, when it is out of control, children need a calm adult to step in and help them gain control over their feelings and actions. Parents can help the angry child by...

  • recognizing what sparks the anger

  • helping the child to recognize early warning signs of anger

  • letting the child know that it is okay to be angry, but that certain ways of acting out anger are inappropriate

  • helping the child discover coping skills to calm himself down (these can vary in each individual)

  • teaching the child appropriate ways to respond to unsettling situations

  • being a good role model in the way you handle your own anger

  • looking for any underlying causes of the anger

  • seeking professional assistance when angry outbursts don’t subside

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Sometimes our tempers run hotter as we begin preparing for the holidays. I know a lot of you are already starting to think about whose home you are going to or who is coming to your house, what we can and cannot talk about, etc. We can help prepare our children for these situations by helping them process their anger. I tell our students all of the time “YES, you can be mad and angry. Please do, it is a normal healthy emotion.” I also tell our students it is what we do and say in our anger that might cause us more problems. Please remind your students their teachers and I are available to them when they to catch their breath before they let their emotions get the best of them.

Classroom Guidance:

All of our students will be discussing what we are thankful for and how we can express our thankfulness to others. (especially to our parents)

Only a few more days to Thanksgiving Break- enjoy your break!!

Parent Volunteers- NEW ONLINE FORMS!! SO EASY!!!

It has been such a huge Blessing to have so many volunteers up at the school partnering with us!! Thank you to each of you that have signed up so far!!

Each week you will see links to sign up sheets for particular activities!


Who loves to cook?

Our genius hour cooking club is looking for a chef or someone who loves to cook to come a teach a lesson to our cooking club during genius hour one Friday. The kids would love it!!! If you are interested, please contact

Stage Decorating Help!

Mrs. Bass is looking for several volunteers to decorate the cafeteria stage the week of Nov. 26-30. We have Christmas trees and holiday decor to set up for December and the 5th-grade program. Please email if you can help! Thank you!

What's happening in the library

Check out an example of our morning Announcements

You can see them all posted on our campus youtube channel. We love that each of our students have the opportunity throughout the year to be "movie stars!"

Notes from Nurse Martin

* Attention Parents of 5th Grade Girls *

Spinal Screening for all 5th-grade girls will be on Thursday, November 15.

Texas state law now requires that schools screen students for abnormal spinal curvature in accordance with the following schedule :

Girls - once during the fall semester of 5th grade and again during the fall semester of 7th grade

Boys - one time during the fall semester of 8th grade

The district lead nurse Judi Fiorenza, RN and I will be conducting the spinal screenings. We will look at your child's back while she stands and bends forward.

- Girls will be screened individually.

- Girls should wear a sports bra or swimsuit top underneath their shirt on exam day.

Teachers will be sending home a form with more information on Friday, November 9th.

If you choose to not have your child screened the form must be returned by Wednesday, November 14th.

MISD is looking for RN's, LVN's, EMT's or Paramedics to substitute at any one of our amazing campuses. Please contact for more information!

Upcoming Events at Baxter

Monday, November 12th: Thanksgiving Lunch

Tuesday, November 13th: 3rd Grade Program 6:30pm

Thursday, November 15th: This is How We Roll Night RESCHEDULE

Monday, November 19th-23rd: Thanksgiving Break: NO SCHOOL

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What's for Lunch?!

2018-2019 School Calendar

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Upcoming Community Events

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