Songs of The Pearl

By: Patrick Suemnick

Song of the Pearl (beginning of book) - Lose Yourself By: EMINEM

On page 18 of the pearl, Kino finds the pearl of the world and feels a triumphant glory. He hears the song of the pearl. He believes that this pearl will solve all of his problems and provide a perfect life for his family. For example, this is the point in the story when they find the pearl. "His heart beat out a heavy rhythm and the melody of the maybe pearl shrilled in his ears... His eyes were shining with excitement... And to Kino the secret melody of the maybe pearl broke clear and beautiful, rich and warm and lovely, glowing and gloating and triumphant." That is how you know how important the pearl is to Kino.

The song "Lose yourself" by EMINEM is about being fully committed to a moment, and really living an awesome experience, just like the experience of finding the pearl felt by Kino. As Kino opens the oyster and begins to see the giant pearl, he is trembling with excitement the same Jimmy "B-Rabbit" Smith (the character of who the song is about) is trembling as the curtain opens and he sees the crowd staring at him.

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Eminem - Lose Yourself Clean Lyrics

Song of the Family - What a Wonderful World by: Louis Armstrong

On page 2, Kino hears the song of the family. He observes all of the good things in his life. He smells his wife Juana cooking breakfast, he hears Coyotito awaken in his bed, and takes time to admire everything around him. He is so observant that he can "see things without looking at them" the book says. Kino hears this song every morning as he first awakens and feels good about himself.

The song "What a Wonderful World" by: Louis Armstrong is a peaceful song, where the singer of the song is describing the scenery around him. He sees beautiful skies and trees and clouds and the only thing he can think about, is how wonderful it all is. This song is the perfect example of how Kino sees things during the song of the family. Everything has a peaceful meaning and looks amazing to him, just like how the character in What a Wonderful World feels.

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Louis Armstrong - What A Wonderful World (Lyrics)

The Song of Evil - "Down With The Sickness" By: Disturbed

On page 27, Kino gets enraged, causing him to hear the song of Evil. He hears this song because now that he has the pearl, the priest and neighbors expect something out of him. He thinks they are out to get him and he clinches his pearl greatly. "Kino's hand had closed tightly on the pearl aging, and he was glancing about suspiciously, for the evil song was in his ear, shrilling against the music of the pearl."

I picked "Down With the Sickness" By: Disturbed not because of the words but because of how it sounds so angry and menacing. Just as how Kino feels during this part of the story. The beginning of the song is just building and building and building up, until the evil pour out, as the evil in Kino's mind pours out. It expresses the ravage anger that Kino was feeling.

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Disturbed - Down With the Sickness Demon Voice *CLEAN* W/ Lyrics

Song of the Enemy - Jaws theme song By: John Williams

On page 5, Kino hears the song of the enemy. He hears this song as he notices a scorpion inching closer and closer to his son Coyotito. As the scorpion gets closer, the music ramps up getting louder in Kino's ears. He is watching the scorpion as it gets ready to strike, moving very slowly and smoothly, trying to stop it from getting to Coyotito. "Kino was in motion. His body glided quietly across the front of him, palms down, and his eyes were on the scorpion." Kino could sense the danger before he knew it was even there, but it was already too late.

I picked the Jaws theme song because I thought that I related to this moment in the story perfectly. Jaws is suspenseful just like how the scene in the story is suspenseful. Jaws makes your heart skip a beat as the tempo gets faster and faster, and the book makes your heart skip a beat as the scorpion pounces on Coyotito and Kino pounces on it. Jaws was used in a movie to symbolize when the shark was going to attack, the song of the enemy in the book was used just like that, but to symbolize when the scorpion was going to attack.

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Jaws theme!!

Song of the Pearl (end of book) - Jar of Hearts By: Christina Perri

The Song of the Pearl at the end of the book is very different than the Song of the Pearl at the beginning. At the end of the book, the pearl looks "grey and ulcerous". Instead of showing Kino all of the good things that he usually saw in the pearl, he saw all of the bad. He saw his house, burning in flames, the four men he gruesomely murdered, and the decapitated head of his beloved son, Coyotito. In the beginning Kino believed that only good could come from the pearl, but the complete opposite happened, and now he has to live with what he did for the rest of his life.

Jar of Hearts By: Christina Perri doesn't 100%ly relate to the Song of the Pearl at the end of the book but it has some very good lines for this story. It portrays the sadness felt by Juana and Kino at the end of the book when there baby Coyotito dies and all of there hope is lost. It gives you that feeling of sorrow, just like you feel when reading those pages in the book, where the pearl is evil and Kino realizes what a monster he has become and what it led to. This song would work better if it was told from Juana's point of view and if she left Kino for what he had done to there family, but it still works out pretty good the way it is.

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Jar of Hearts - Christina Perri Lyrics

The Song of the Book - Highway to the Danger Zone By: Kenny Loggins

The Song of the Book is about the overall book from start to finish. Kino starts off happy and progressively gets angrier with the outcome of what is happening. It starts off happy because Kino finds the pearl and it can save his baby. But as his canoe gets broken, his house burned, and he gets attacked by people trying to steal the pearl, he gets more and more upset. Kino gets so enraged that he kills 1 man, just stabbing in the dark, and 3 more in cold blood.

Highway to the Danger Zone by: Kenny Loggins is a good representation of the song of the book because ever since Kino found the pearl, his life got more and more dangerous by the day. Kino has almost literally been on a highway to danger. As Kino continues his life with the pearl, he gets closer and closer to death. His journey was more or less a highway thru the danger zone instead of to the danger zone, but this song still paints a pretty good image of the scenario In your head.

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Kenny Loggins-Highway to the danger zone(Lyrics)