"A" is for Chewing

Should gum be allowed in schools?


Based of the article "To Chew or Not to Chew"

"Chew Chew" goes the Train of Though

Algebra class is as boring as ever and your processing things as slow as a dial up connecter. Da-da-da-dum, Gum to the rescue! Studies have shown that gum can improve the focus and learning ability of a student. Although it might become janitorial nightmare, chewing gum has proven to show an increase in student grades. Did you know, that even the military promotes and encourages soldiers to chew gum, “soldiers chew gum, "soldiers have chewed gum since World War I to improve concentration during stressful situations", according to the famous Wrigley Company.

Chewing Chewing all day long!

Violet Beauregarde