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Things to know....

  • Deep breathes on Monday and Tuesday because Wednesday-Saturday are going to be a wild ride - but I can't imagine a more fun group to take this wild ride with than the staff of Reed!! Buckle up!!
  • PTA FUN RUN is still looking for volunteers to do face painting - email me if you can volunteer a little bit of time Saturday.
  • PTA would love the support of the staff - the run is Saturday from 8-11
  • just a reminder, if you haven't turned in your choice sheet for next year, please get that to me by Tuesday!

This Week...

  • Happy National Library Week
  • 3:00 RTI Meeting


  • Anniversary of first man in space


  • Kinder Round-up 7:30am-6:30pm (tours will be given all over the building so be prepared to see guests around
  • 3:10 - Leader in Me Faculty Meeting - meet first in computer lab for sharing of Google site
  • 6:00 PTA Meeting


  • QUEST Fair
  • 1st Grade Tier 2 Meeting - conference time
  • Teena & Alexandrea sharing their learning for the year 3:25 start in Alex's room
  • DL Family Night - Bagdad
  • Sharpening the Saw Bowling


  • Leadership Day 8:30-10:30


  • PTA Fun Run 8:00-11:00
  • Math Pentathalon 7:45-4:30 - Rouse High School


  • Big thank you to Christy Van Ausdall for taking the time to share her learning about Proactive Behavior Management. Great take aways included - "Kids' behavior is the way they talk to us", and "if they could, they would".​ Great time for us to reflect on that 1 - 5% and collaborate with each other! - Amy
  • ​Happiness is hearing kindergartners moan that their independent writing time isn't long enough: "That was too short! You told us yesterday that you would give us a long time to write today!" - Carolyn
  • While my students work in centers, I sometimes play music for them through the Kidz-Bop station on Pandora. During one of these occasions, one of my students excitedly runs to me and says, "Come quick, Ms. Cristina. They are playing the Sopapilla song." I was sure I had misunderstood him, so I asked, "What song?" Again, he replied excitedly, "the Sopapilla song. It's my favorite!" When I went to my computer to figure out what he was talking about, I realized that he was talking about the... "Zootopia song, (Try Everything - by: Shakira) I had to laugh. I thought this was adorable. By the way, this song is a great motivational song for our kids. :)​ - Chrissy
  • A huge shout out to the Leadership Day team who has worked so hard to bring together what is going to be an amazing day for our students this week!! Lisa
  • Tiffany - you rock - can't wait to see the Quest Fair - you build such excitement and student ownership in their projects!! - Lisa