Lance's Ledger

May 9 - 13 at Central Elementary

Student Projects Aid Learning

Take a walk throughout our building and you will see some very creative student creations depicting concepts they have learned or strategies they employ to foster learning. First graders in Lindsey Lane's room recently depicted animal habitats on paper plate pop-ups. Fourth grade students in Kelly Fritz's room have found they could label the stairs they navigate on a daily basis with numbers to help them practice skip counting. They also have a hop-scotch game right in their room. Ben Montgomery's students have become zookeepers as dioramas feature animals on display. I enjoyed listening to students explain the thought behind their creations and activities. It is clear they are engaged in creative ways of learning and find it to be an interesting way to learn!

Teachers Help Students Celebrate Mom

Thank you to teachers for making time to help students with Mother's Day Projects. These types of projects often find their way into family albums and videos. Celebrating people who are important in the life of a child is an important role schools play in passing on societal culture and celebrating "family values." While commercialism sends a message that stores have the best gift for mom, teachers help kids realize the best gifts come from the heart and simply express "love."

This Week at Central

Monday, May 9

  • M-STEP Testing for Grade 4 Begins (continues through May 25)
  • Box-Top/Soup Label contest begins
  • Grade 5-6 PE PD after school / Conference Room

Tuesday, May 10

  • PLCs (Except Grade 4)
  • M-STEP Grade 4

Wednesday, May 11

  • M-STEP Grade 4
  • CAP Selection Meeting 8:30-10:30 at admin. bldg. (Holly, Sue D. Eric C. Andrea, Lance)
  • Early Release Day: Dismissal @ 1:28 PM (Lunches moved up 10 minutes)
  • PD Agenda: Guided Reading w/ Michelle Wing in Media Center (1:48 -4:48 PM); Parapros attend all three hours
  • Central Physical Education/Music PD, Computer in Conference Rm. (1:48 - 4:48 PM)
  • Grade 5-8 Physical Education PD in Alumni Room (12:40 - 3:40 PM)

Thursday, May 12

  • M-STEP Grade 4
  • Lance@ admin. Mtg. (9:30 - Noon)

Friday, May 13

  • M-STEP Grade 4
  • DIBELS Testing Ends
  • Jeans Day for Project Graduation / $5 donation

Looking Ahead

  • May 17...PTO Meeting
  • May 18...Staff Meeting: Agenda items include, touching base on end of year check-out lists, room inventories, behavior data update, teacher items TBD; ELA PD at Gates for Grade 4 (4:15-6:15)
  • May 20...Box-Top/Soup Label contest ends; AAA Seat-belt Survey in parking lot after school
  • May 19...Lance @ prin. mtg. (9:30 - Noon)
  • May 23 - June 3...DRA Assessment 1-4 with subs; STAR Math Assessment Grades 2-4; CST Meeting
  • May 24... PLC
  • May 25...CAP PLC (2-3:20 PM)
  • May 26...Bldg. Rep. mtg. 7:30-8:10; CST Meeting
  • May 27...Lance out of building for PM
  • May 30...Memorial Day/ No School for Students or Staff
  • May 31...Grade 4 (music, phys. ed., and classroom) Trip to Williams Property; STAR Math Assessment continues to June 3

June 2016

  • June 1...Staff Meeting
  • June 2...Tornado Drill; Team Leader Meeting
  • June 3... DRA ends (enter in illuminate by June 13); PTO Color Walk
  • June 6...B. Smith and McDunnah to ForMar (9-2); Grade 4 to Hahn orientation from 9-10:30 AM; Field Day Grade 4 in PM; DHS Graduation in evening
  • June 7...Field Day Grade 1 in PM; Inservice on Everyday Math - Grade 1 AM/Grade 3 PM; 5th Grade Parent Orientation (current 4th grade parents) at 6PM in Hahn Cafeteria/Gym
  • June 8...Lane & Long to ForMar from 9-2; Field Day Grade Grade 3 in PM; Inservice on Everyday Math - Grade 2 AM/ Grade 4 PM; Grade 1 ELA PD at Central from 4:15 - 6:15)
  • June 9...T. Smith & Parrott to ForMar from 9-2; Field Day Grade 2 in PM; ELA PD at Central for Grade 2 from 4:15-6:15 PM
  • June 10...Lance out of building for PM; Grade cut-offs, report card assembly begins
  • June 13...DPA CMC (4:15 - 6:15 PM); Report Grades and comments in by 9 PM; Board of Education Meeting @ 7 PM
  • June 14...Report Cards printed
  • June 15...Staff Meeting
  • June 16...1/2 student day with dismissal @ 11:35 AM; End of Year Luncheon @ 12:15 PM
  • June 17...Student 1/2 day with dismissal @ 11:35 AM / Last student day* (*teachers may check out if finished on June 17 by 4:30 PM: Checkout will begin at 2:30 PM)
  • June 20...1/2 teacher day/Last Teacher Day; Report Cards mailed home at noon
  • June 23...Building closes to public for summer at 4 PM

August 2016

  • August 8...Office re-opens to the public
  • August 15...Teacher Report Day, Opening Staff Meeting & Work Day for Teachers and parapros
  • August 16...Teacher Evaluation Inservice
  • August 17...Everyday Math Inservice; Open House 5-6:30 PM
  • August 22...First Day for Students

Thank You PTO!

Our PTO went all out to convey the appreciation and respect parents feel for teachers and other staff at Central Elementary. Spreading kindness through chocolate, baked goods, the "Shower of Appreciation" (coordinated with student involvement, to last Friday's luncheon, our PTO found unique ways to communicate their regard for the people who are entrusted to teach and nurture their children. I feel blessed to have watched the way in which the PTO went about sharing their sentiment. Organizers planned from the heart and took a great deal of time to share the feelings of children as well as adults with us. Please take some time to drop them a note and let them know you appreciated their thoughts and efforts.

A Few Ideas

Wondering how you might help your class relax after M-STEP? Need some fillers with educational purpose? Want to continue community building with your students? The short video which follows offers ten ideas you may find helpful. I have witnessed some of our own staff members using some of the tips in past years.
End of The School Year Teacher Tips

Thought for the Week

Big image

Make it a great week for teaching and learning; a fantastic week for kids and the kid in us too!