1960s Popular cars

Mustangs and other cars


The 4 most popular cars in the 1960s were the 1964 mustang, 1966 Chevy camero , The 1968 Plymouth road runner , And the Volkswagon bus. These are all very popular in this era. The mustang was very popular. Many people have got them because of there very good price Around 2500

Somwthing about the car itself.

The length and heigth were increased, 2.7" and .5" respectively. The wider body allowed for the installation of a tire smoking, 320 horsepower, 390 cid engine, the first big block engine in the Mustang.

Good Fact.

To achieve an advertised

list price

of US$2,368, the Mustang was based heavily on familiar yet simple components, many of which were already in production for other Ford models
1969 Mustang vs 1967 Mustang Drag Race

Just a little race.

Now you know some facts about the mustang and why these cars were so popular.

5 Fun facts

1. 22,000 were first sold

2.The original price was around 2500

3. Racing cars

4.over a year 1000000 were sold

5.nickname pony car

My Notes

What The mustang fastback,Hardtop,convertible

When 1950-2016

Where America/UK

Why because ford that It was a good idea