Staff Weekly

Published December 15th

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Pep Rally on Friday--Students will not attend with a referral or three respect minors Dec. 16-20.

Staff Spirit Week

December 16- Twas the Night Before Christmas Theme Day- Wear your Pajama's ya filthy animals!

December 17- Comfy and Cozy Day- wear your favorite comfortable outfit. Bonus points if it's holiday themed! Just kidding, there are no points.

December 18- Ugly Sweater Day- Call up grandma or your favorite great aunt and ask her for her "pretty" Christmas sweater! There may be a prize for the winning sweater!

December 19- Find the Elves Day- That's right friends! It's back by popular demand! Mr. Miyogi is no longer with us but we will still be hiding elves on that day for you to find for prizes. Wear your best workout (or tactical) gear. More information on that coming soon!

December 20- Holiday Spirit Day/Apps Day- PJ's, comfy attire, whatever. If it fills you with holiday joy, it'll fill us with holiday joy too. We also welcome you to bring your favorite appetizer that day to share with your grade or team... or don't. We won't judge.

Tutorial Plans for December

December 16, 17, 19: Normal tutorial

December 18th: Tier 1 Reward Day (no band and no Bowles tutorial sessions)

December 20th: No tutorial due to reverse delay schedule (pep rally). Kids with behavior infractions will have a tutorial work session at the end of the day.

Tier 1 Reward Day!!

December 18th during Tutorial

December Planning Meetings (1, 2, 5, and 7)


December 18: Behavior PLC--Tier 1 Info

December 19: Unit/Proficiency Scale Planning Session with Stacie

Upcoming Assessments


CASE Reading: January 15th

CASE Math: January 16th

CERT 8th grade: Last week of January in cores

ACCESS: January 6-February 7


CASE Algebra: February 10-14

K-Prep Field Test: February 24-March 6


CASE Reading: March 3

CASE Algebra: March 4

CASE Math: March 23


Star Reading and Math: April


K-Prep: 5 of the last 14 days of school

CERT 8th grade (possibly): Last 2 days of school

2020 Planning Meetings (1, 2, 5, 7)


January 7: Traci Barton is the

January 17: Writing a Constructed Response PD (both plans)

January 21: Unit/Proficiency Scale Planning Session with Stacie

January 23: Unit/Proficiency Scale Planning Session with Stacie

January 28: Advanced Decoding the Prompt Check in Day--in person, bring student samples

January 29: Reading and SS ATM

January 30: Math and Science ATM


February 4: Writing an Extended Response PD (both plans)

February 12: Behavior PLC

February 14: Behavior PLC

February 18: Co-Op Accommodations and Modifications Training--ELA, SS, UA (both plans)

February 19: Co-Op Accommodations and Modifications Training--Science and Math (both plans)

February 25: Unit/Proficiency Scale Planning Session with Stacie

February 27: Constructed Response Check In Day (in person, bring samples)

Vertical Team PLCs Goals


  1. Monthly, bring and analyze student work that shows evidence of writing that matches the unit expectations. Calibrate thinking on what constitutes a 1, 2, and 3.
  2. Create a school writing plan focusing on one component of the plan each month. Begin with the school writing policy.


  1. Complete CUBES word problems 4 times per week and complete 1 written writing prompt per unit explaining how to correctly solve a math problem with appropriate vocabulary.
  2. At least weekly, use CASE question bank to administer checks to maintain rigor of priority standards/calibrate.


  1. Implementation of 3D instruction as evidenced in lesson plans.
  2. Collaboratively write summative assessments that measure mastery of disciplinary core ideas through the practices and cross-cutting concepts.

Social Studies

  1. Monthly, bring and analyze student work that shows evidence of inquiry practices. Calibrate thinking on what constitutes a 1, 2, and 3. (QFT, DBQ, extended response, because, but, so).

PLC Notes


  • Discussion of the CASE data analysis.
  • Eye-opening to look at writing for another grade.
  • Discussion about science collaborating with the math teachers to emphasize the math for the unit that's also used in science.
  • Need to practice timed writing. Kids are not handling timed writings well.
  • Need to practice giving kids a set amount of space to put their answer in.

Team Leader

  • Work skills report--will do like we did last year though Google Form.
  • Behavior adjustments to make: Full school reward, visiting classrooms to unveil new BF, adjusting points
  • Teams need to identify what they would like the PTSO to purchase for them this year
  • ipads and doc cameras are ordered for those who requested them


  • Based on CASE data, going to begin giving kids CASE questions to dissect and answer weekly and score together.
  • Also looking for other ways to up the rigor into the DOK 2 and 3 levels.