Digestive System



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1. Digestive System - Label the Parts - Back Table with Ms. Phinney

Materials Needed: Interactive Notebook and Pencil

Bring your interactive notebooks to my back table. Together, we will label the parts of the digestive system. We will use the Kids Health - Digestive System Video to fill in the answers on the interactive notebook sheet.

2. Digestive System BrainPop - Around the room

Materials Needed: Computer, Headphones

Watch the Digestive System BrainPop. Watch it a second time if needed. Take the quiz when you finish.

3. The Science Digest - In a Desk (facing screen)

Materials Needed: The Science Digest, Crossword Puzzle (should be attached), Pencil

Read The Science Digest and complete the crossword puzzle that is attached. This crossword puzzle is for a grade. You may work with other people in your group to read the passages and answer the crossword puzzle. Turn it into the green basket when you finish.

4. Interactive Glossary- In a Desk (facing board)

Materials needed: Vocabulary sheet, laptop, computer, notebook

Using the vocabulary sheet, use the interactive glossary on Discovery Ed to fill in the blanks. When you are finished you should glue this into your GLOSSARY in your science notebook.

Early Finishers--

If you finish a station early, you may Use this Quizlet to study the vocabulary for the digestive system.

If you finish stations early and you have studied all the words and know them like the back of your hand, then you may play the Build-A-Body Digestive System game.