My Bucket List

By:Rebekah Ray

Great Barrier Reef

I want to go to the Greart Barrier Reef. There are over 2,900 individual reefs. The reef is located in the central sea , off the coast of Queensland ,Austrailia. The reef also consists of 1,500 species of marine fish, between 5005-8000 sponges, 30 species of dolphins and whales, and many more species. I would want to go scuba diving and snorkling to see all of the amazing things in the Great Barrier Reef.
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In alaska I would want to see whales, go fishing, and skiing. There are alot of animals and fish in the state of alaska i want to see. There are humpback whales, polar bear, and salmon. Alaska has more than 5,000 glaciers covering 100,00 square miles.
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Interlaken, Switzerland

are 3 huge preety mountains in switzerland. They are the Eigen, Monch, and Jungfrau. I would want to hike, raft, and snowboard in the winter in switzerland. It's a town in the Interlaken, Oberhasli administrative district in the Swiss Canton of Bern.
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