7th Grade Reading Spring Final

By Haedyn Jorgenson

Demeter and Persephone

  • What is the consequence of Demeter's actions? The consequence of Demeter's actions was that she was very mad and upset that Hades decided to take her precious daughter, Persephone, so she blamed the earth, and made the weather harsh and the soil frozen while Persephone was away in the underworld. So, everyone was miserable because of her actions.
  • How did humankind suffer as a result of one individual's impulses? Humankind suffered because Demeter made the weather and nature very miserable, nothing grew except weeds and thistles, it was cold, too much rain, animals died, and and way too much sun.
  • What does this myth suggest about the effects of an individual's actions on the community as a whole? The myth suggests that Demeter's actions as an individual, making nature and weather cruel, effected the community as a whole.
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Popocatepetl and Ixtlaccihuatl

  • Was the Emperor's decision at the legend's beginning better for the individual or the community? The Emperor's decision at the beginning was better for the individual because he would not allow her to marry anybody, for he only trusted her and wanted her to rule herself.
  • Is it ever important to consider the needs of a community over the needs of an individual? Explain. It is important to sometimes consider the needs of a community over an individual because a community is a big group of lots of individuals, and to help/effect a community over one individual is more effective.

Sun and Moon in a Box

  • How does Coyote's ignorance and selfishness cause harm to others? Coyote's selfishness and ignorance causes harm to others because he decided to not listen to Eagle and opened the box and caused the whole village to have to experience winter.
  • Which character bears more blame for losing the sun and moon? Why? I think that the Eagle is the character that bears more blame because he is the smart one who should've known a lot better then to trust the cowardly, curious, and sneaky coyote. Also, the Eagle was the one who gave him the box/trusted him with it, which then led to Coyote opening it up.
  • What does this folktale suggest about the individual's responsibility to the community? The individual's responsibility to the community is to not let the box get opened and bring it back to the Kachina's Pueblos safely after 'borrowing' it, but obviously Eagle didn't achieve that and let Coyote get away with it and let the sun and moon out.