Rug Cleaning 101

The interior decorating and designing industry has not only grown in Fort Lauderdale, Boca Raton, and West Palm Beach but has conquered many places far and beyond.

Many, no matter the size of their purse strings, have acquired a taste for sprucing up their interiors using various pieces like mirrors, furniture, upholstery and last but not least rugs.

Rugs have graced many an interior from corridors, bathrooms, doorways, living rooms and so many more spaces as desired by the home owner.

And one can get just the right rug for their spaces for they come in various materials, textures, shapes and sizes. However as much as the shopping for rugs for one's space is a very exciting and rewarding venture, a rug comes with its own baggage. The top most being the cleaning process which many including myself abhor for the most part.

The good thing is that one's dislike of cleaning the rug or rugs should not hinder their interior decorating spark when it hits. Reason being that there are many rug cleaning companies that are so ready to fulfill one's cleaning requirements for just a couple of dollars.

But if you are of a mind to try out cleaning out your own rug or rugs, these tips should be kept on hand.

Material of rug vs. cleaning agent

Be sure you know what works well with the material of your rug. You would not like to use a very strong detergent that will shrink your beautiful rug and in the end become depressed because of it.

To ensure that your rug gets its proper tender loving care, make sure that you get any and all details concerning your rug from where you have purchased it. I am sure they shop or agent would advise you accordingly. But if you fail to find the answers you require just check for options online.


Time varies in this intense and depending on the nature and material of the rug in question. If you have decided to go down that route of cleaning your own rug, patience is a requirement especially if it is a heavy one. I for one have seen ones that have a specific cleaning process and can take up to eight hours before they dry well.

Last but not least the budget

This is advice for that one that will most definitely be needing the help of the professionals. Well now that you have that perfectly textured rug for your living room or wherever, make sure that, most preferably before you purchase that rug, you have saved up a little to account for that cleaning professional fee. If you have not yet planned for that, now is the time.

These are the top three that I can impress upon anyone that wants to have a do it yourself project in their home.

Just remember that Rugs Cleaning West Palm Beach too is an art in itself. If you are not for it, do call in a professional. Want more advice & other beneficial info about our services please visit at