Come Try our new Frozen Yogurt shop

The Best and Favorite Frozen Yogurt in town. You'll love it!

My Yogurt is the best in town!!

Our new frozen yogurt house is amazing!!! It is the best in Oklahoma. We get about 30-40 customers a day. Our employees are super fast. We hand pick our produce ourselves on our farm. Only the freshest of the fresh for our customers. Our customers seem to love it so you should love it too!! We also make our frozen yogurt freshly every day so every time you come in, its aways fresh. We are located in Tyler, Oklahoma. Monday-Saturday. 10:00am- to 9:00pm. We have the most toppings. We have snickers,twix, peanuts, almonds, gummy worms, octopus (the gummy kind) and lot more to experiance. We also have a built in Chile's and a Starbucks. Another thing we have is we also have a Main event in with everything else. Employees are great and so is your money.