Cell phones in school?

Should teachers allow students their cell phones in school?

Research Topic 1

We should have cell phones in class for emergency uses too. Incase there is nothing else, it would be convenient for students to have there phones on them. If they were to have there phones on them they would be able to call 911 at all times. Also, if you need to call you mom, for example if you forgot your assignment at homes, they would be able to call them instead of having to go to the office and waste everyone else's time filling out passes and asking to use the phone. 50% of people say yes, and 50% of people say no.

Research Topic 2

If you were to have your phone during class it would be easier to look things up on it. You could just have there and it would be really handy rather than having to open up your netbook, certain people who have a smartphone would have the advantage of having it on hand. On mobile students can use the google search engine that takes 10 seconds on average to load. Teachers are preparing students for adult life so we should therefore allow them to use the tools that they will be using in their adult life, like their phones. They should also allow them to start making there own decisions as they will in their adult life, as well.

Research Topic 3

Students tend to talk a lot after they get done with their assignments so it would be a help to teachers to occupy them with just their phones. Teachers would be able to get their work done when kids have all theirs done. They could stay focused on grading. Students could sit at their desks contently playing on their phones quietly as teachers do their jobs. Otherwise, their could also be certain teachers not allowing phones while others do like what they do with the gum rule. Half of teens send 50 or more text messages a day. Texting reduces talking.


Having your phones on hand would make the possibility of cheating at higher risk. It could be an easy distraction for both teachers and student, yet at the same time when there is nothing to do it could also occupy students who are talking do be on their phones quietly while the teacher is trying to get there grading and other things done. Having your phone could also provide more secure safety to kids if there is perhaps a shooting and a student is somewhere by themselves, they could have their phones on them. Most search engines are faster than the netbooks or other things that schools offer, which makes it convenient to have it for homework. Teachers could also worry that students could easily cheat having that search engine always available to them. One thing teachers could do is make sure all students don't have their phones on test days preventing them from cheating and holding them until the end of class. Teachers should also realize that older students are becoming more independent. We must utilize the technology given knowing that in the future they will become highly more advanced. Teachers are preparing students for the world.


1. Very convenient

2. It is helpful

3. Reliable

4. Something to do

5. Provides safety


1. Distracting

2. Cheating

3. Noisy if not on silent

4. Cause of drama

5. Listen to music and not pay attention