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Updates for Week of October 12, 2015

Jenkins faculty & staff,

“We cannot become what we need by remaining what we are.”
By: John Maxwell

What is learning profile?

Learning profile includes the way in which students learn best. When you allow students to demonstrate knowledge or work in a classroom environment that supports individual learning styles, student performance will increase. Howard Gardner popularized this area with his multiple intelligences. Robert Sternberg also is known for his work in this area. However, there are other factors to take into account when appealing to students’ learning profile. For example, some students might not be bothered by ambient noise whereas other students are mildly or severely distracted by it. For those students who are adversely affected by the noise, allow them to sit in the periphery of a classroom configuration. You can even provide noise- cancelling headphones or earplugs during times of particular distraction. There are also students who prefer daylight to fluorescent light. If you have a classroom with windows, invite those who prefer natural light to sit near them. Other factors to consider include the physical temperature of a classroom; optimal energy levels based on certain time of day, and mobility preferences. Learning profile can also take into account working individually or in pairs or small groups. Sometimes there could be opportunities for students to choose their own grouping. If so, allow for this flexibility.

Differentiate Content by Readiness, Interest, Learning Profile

All students may not be equally challenged by the same chapter in a textbook. Assign different reading materials based on students’ readability levels (readiness) so you match their reading abilities to an appropriately challenging text. Augment or replace the textbook with material that has more rigorous so higher achievers are appropriately challenged. For those who find the grade level textbook inaccessible, find materials that allow them to grasp the content at a level that is just right.

- To appeal to readiness in math, find appropriately challenging examples to introduce a concept based on students’ ability levels. If an example is too lofty, at-risk students will be hard-pressed to begin to understand the concept. For those above grade level, present additional examples that show the concept from perhaps a different perspective so they begin to see the concept expressed in more than one way.

- Allow students to choose a topic of interest within a unit of study. For example, allow them to read autobiographies, novels, nonfiction, or biographies as the genre of interest to acquire new information within the greater unit of study.

- Take into account learning profile, and invite students to either read selected materials or listen to audiotapes to appeal to auditory or visual learners.

-Make available several different types of graphic organizers so students can choose one that speaks to their learning style. Each student completes the self-selected organizer as they listen to a lecture, guest speaker, interview, video or PowerPoint presentation. If teachers assign specific reading materials based on students readability levels as the basis for completing the organizer, they appeal to readiness, too.

Check out these websites for graphic organizers:





-Graphic organizers can also be used to appeal to readiness if teachers create or find various graphic organizers that cover a range of complexity levels. Distribute the appropriate one based on students’ ability levels to complete as they read, listen, or watch content. For example, you can find various cause-effect or comparison-contrast graphic organizers that vary in degree of difficulty. You can also find graphic organizers online that are in Spanish.

-Steer students to websites or software that appeal to their readiness or interests.

Reflection for the week

*Learn to know and grow your passion so that that you can work in your gifts, talents and strengths.

Safety and Security

Playground Safety Tips

1. Actively supervise children on playgrounds.

2. Avoid overcrowding one area on the playground. Monitor closely and separate students if there is a need.

3. Make sure you have a way to communicate if help is needed.

Please wear your employee name badge daily. All visitors are expected to wear a visitor’s sticker. If you see a stranger without a sticker, please escort them to the main office area or call for assistance if needed.

Employee Attire

Professional business casual work attire is acceptable with appropriate footwear. Flip flops are not appropriate footwear. On Friday’s, teachers can wear jeans with a Jenkins Elementary School spirit shirt.

Teaching and Learning

  • Data and results of student achievement do matter always.
  • Bell to bell teaching should now be happening
  • Every minute counts when a child comes to school….use them wisely.
  • The academic progress of your students is an extension of the time that you spend knowing each, every child’s needs and the instructional plans that you put in place for him or her.
  • Remember to FOCUS on the “RIGHT WORK”.
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*E- SPLOST election is November 3; Early voting begins October 12th.

GCPS Compensation System

Phase I

  • Classroom Staff (core content teachers, elective teachers, teachers teaching students with specific needs-Special Education, ELL, Title I, etc.)
  • Non-classroom staff (counselors, media specialists, LSTC’s, speech and language therapists)
  • School Leaders (Principals and Assistant Principals

Implementation Targeted date 2017-18

*More details to come in the upcoming months.


Make sure that you have provided multiple opportunities to remediate student learning.

  • Each child learns differently and should be analyzed for his/her learning strengths.
  • Teachers must be prepared to document and explain how grades are determined.
  • Follow the grade level plan (your grade level plan) for providing multiple opportunities.
  • Maintain your documentation to support your rationale.
  • The grade book must be saved on-line so that parents have a data to review through the portal.
  • All grades will be recorded accurately in the electronic grade book.
  • It is important that the grades are kept up-to-date weekly.

Professional Development

At Jenkins Elementary School, we are a professional work environment that will align ourselves with research based instructional strategies to enhance the overall learning of our students. We are life-long learners. At Jenkins Elementary, professional development is an instructional expectation for all.

Progression and Improvement is what it is ALL about!

DDA congrats to all grade levels for making gains. J

Remember to STAY FOCUSED on the gains!

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What is STEM? In Gwinnett County Public Schools is the application of science, technology, and mathematics through the use of the design process to engineer solutions that enhance current systems and improves the quality of life. Effective STEM Instruction consists of several core elements, including rigorous lessons, Integrated Instruction, relevant experiences for students in the classroom setting.

Jenkins Elementary School Team Captains Rebecca Trollinger and Brenalee Alford

Red Ribbon Week the Student Campaign for United Way begins.

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Join Jenkins Black Knight Relay for Life Team!

Team’s goal is $10,000!

So what can you do right now?

· Join the team for $100.00 and get a T-shirt. Set a goal for yourself for a good cause.

· Block off Friday, May 13th, the day of Gwinnett’s Relay, on your calendar.

Stay posted for more opportunities to help our team reach our goal!

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PINK OUT EVERY WEDNESDAY’S! Wear PINK every Wednesday to support Breast Cancer Awareness month. Get your class to join in, take a selfie of your and your students dressed in pink and email it to the Tech Team so that we can create a school selfie collage and publish it.

Happenings in the Village

Tuesday’s – Chorus, Art Club,

Wednesday's - Witzzle Pro Club

Thursday's - Science and Yearbook Club

Friday's - Peer Leaders, Technology and Running Club


Monday- Teacher Workday- Regular work hours.

*8-10 a.m. Technology Training for all teachers with two years or less of teaching.

*10-11- Ya’ll come (Optional) Technology Tune-Up for all teachers who are in need of any technology support. The Tech Team will be available to assist you with your classroom lessons and projects.

*IOWA Testing Meeting in the afternoon.

A “Knight” to remember...

Jenkins Elementary School TOTY Stephanie Smith was honored with all Central Gwinnett Cluster TOTY’s to celebrate a job well done as an educator.

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"Central Cluster.....Home of the Black Knights."

Check out the website:

October Birthdays

Ann-Marie Serafin 10/13

Mallory Weese 10/14

Rachel Day 10/16

Joielle Parker 10/17

Laurel Turner 10/21

Becca Trollinger 10/23

Amber George 10/27

Tiana Thomas 10/28

Julisa Weigel 10/30

WOW Schedule

  • 10/13 2nd Grade
  • 10/14 3rd Grade
  • 10/15 4th Grade
  • 10/16 5th Grade
  • Teachers will be provided full day planning.
  • ALL students will participate in WOW activities!
  • Snacks will be sold.
  • Students will be asked to bring in at least ONE canned good for our can food drive for the Thanksgiving Baskets of Giving.