Labelbox Challenge

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All About Labelbox

Labelbox is an app that allows users to add a label to any photo in their photo library. Students simply choose a photo, choose one of the “tapes,” and swipe their finger to add it to the photo. Users can then add text to label parts of the image.

Your Task!

•Open the app and tap on “Add Photo.” Choose a photo from your camera roll that you would like to label.

•Tap on the ribbon in the upper right hand corner to reveal the different tapes available.

•Tap on the tape that you would like to use. It is now “loaded” and ready for you to place. •To place tape, simply drag your finger left to right where you would like it to appear. •When you lift your finger your keyboard will appear. Add text to your tape.

•Now save or share by tapping on share button!

Here's how teachers are using Labelbox!

  • Label phots to give directions.
  • Map labeling in Social Studies or Geography.
  • Character traits of a famous historical figure (or character or author).