Christmas party

In Iceland

Iceland Christmas


We are doing Christmas party at iceland. You can also spend the night in the hotel.

Caren and Keidi

Iceland Christmas Party

Wednesday, Dec. 24th, 7:30pm


Reykjavík, Capital Region

actions at christmas party

7.30pm meet up at the hotel

8.00pm festive meals

9.00pm christmas party time and santa claus will come


  • Hangikjöt (Smoked Lamb)
  • Icelandic fish (All the fish)
  • Kjötsúpa (Meat soup)
  • Ein með öllu - the iconic Icelandic hot dog
  • Chocolate Cake flourless
  • Christmas pudding

Christmas coming in Iceland (

How to say "merry christmas" in Icelandic

Merry Christmas- Gleðileg jól