Office Installation Error Codes Explained

Who don't know about the error codes in Microsoft windows? Not that they know the about the codes but they do know the codes those random hexadecimal numbers that just pops out on us when everything was going smoothly between me and my Pc and were just the perfect couple. Then something wrong happened and our relation was not the same as before because an error code just appeared in my windows life and like they say all Good things come to an end. Error code-30175-11, Error code-30145-16, Error code-5-11 are few of them that at one point in time or other has screwed everybody's relation with the PC. They all occur when we try to install Microsoft office so, they are all related to Microsoft's office suite. This might startle you but, as hard, annoying and cryptic they could be so as they are easy to fix. Seriously!! Just a little patience and windows have built-in feature to help people like us when error strikes them. Let's take a peek at Error code-30175-4, Error code-30145-4, Error code-5-11and try and understand them and then we will see how to fix or repair them.

Error code 30175-11: User might see the Error code 30094-4 if user's installed antivirus software or firewall rules applied on the Personal Computer or some user's proxy settings prevent the end user from installing office on his/her machine. Other reasons could be that there already exists a previous version of office on your computer and user is trying to install the new release before uninstalling the older version. Two copies of Microsoft office cannot co-exist on the same machine which is quite contrary with what happens in the case of web browsers. Antivirus feels the program is unsafe as it was downloaded from unrecognized source. Since office cannot detect the proxy settings so any proxy configuration on your system will stop the fetching of office files form the internet and the process will come to a halt and Error code 30175-11 will be generated.

Error code 30145-16: The Error code 30175-4 essentially arises when the user is trying to update the Microsoft office. In the case of this error user when last time updated the windows skipped few updates for whatsoever the reason be ad now those missing updates are required in order to update the office. Unless those updates are not present (because they act as dependencies for the Microsoft office update/s) in the system the office suite cannot be updated.

Error code 5-11:Error code 30175-11 falls in the same category as the Error code 30102-11. So whenever the proxy settings, the proxy server configuration on the Personal Computer or the firewall rules on the system prevents the installation process or halts it Error code 403-4 is generated by the system for it to be resolved by the user.