The Thorny Devil

Scientist project

Thorny devil quick stats

-15 cm tall

-have a black skin for fake head

- eats black 1000 black ants every day

-population unknown

- mates on march and April stops at November December

-lives around 15 years and 20 years

-females are slightly bigger then the males

-exstremely slow moveing lizard

-scientific name for thorny devil moloch horridus


The thorny devil lives in the dry inland regions of Western Australia .


The thorny devil faces the heat the thorny devil make shallow borrow to keep it self warm and it faces the freezing cold night it only stays at something that they can camouflage with then they stay there still and they will be warm.

Physical adaptation

The thorny devil has spikes all over its body so It can absorb water to its body and it has a light colour so it can reflect the heat away.

A picture of the the thorny devil