• Cleaning and disinfecting will be done throughout the day.
  • Visitors allowed inside the building with administrator permission only, mask required.
  • Students and staff will be screened for a temperature before school and during day.
  • Social distancing will be practiced when possible.
  • Masks are required for staff when social distancing is not possible.
  • Masks are required for 5th-12th grade students when in close contact with others for more than 10 minutes. Masks are also required of all students while riding the bus.
  • Close contacts who are masked may stay at school while wearing a mask.
  • Close contacts who are not masked with be quarantined.
  • Students/Staff will be sent home if they are exhibiting 3 or more common symptoms of COVID19. Negative COVID19 test or release from medical professional required prior to return to school.
  • Restrictions for activities can be found here:

Please Note:

Please be prepared for restrictions or level to change at any time. Our priorities are in keeping our students and staff safe and in school long term. Students and staff should have masks available. Any parents who do not plan to send your child to school, please phone your principal to discuss distance learning options.

Elementary- Mr. Pursley 993-4225

Middle School- Mr. Blair 993-4252

High School- Mr. Koele 993-4226