February 17, 2016

Genesee Valley Rotary Students of the Month

Voluntary Building Meetings Regarding Revised Teacher Evaluation-Layoff-Recall Guidelines

Dr. Tunnicliff will be presenting information regarding Revised Teacher Evaluation-Layoff-Recall Guidelines on Monday, February 29th at 2:30 (tentative location is cafeteria). Please plan to attend this voluntary meeting.

The University of Michigan Ann Arbor

UM Ann Arbor and UM-Flint will be meeting here at CAHS to hear about our STEM programming, especially DEEP programs on Monday, February 29th. We will be inviting 2-3 students to speak about our programs - a senior who has been accepted to UM, and a younger student who may be a first generation college student who will be part of the Early College. Let me know if you know of any student that would be a good presenter for this.


Part of SECEP/i3 Programming - Goal to increase Dual Enrollment Opportunities and Improve STEM Education

DEEP UM-Flint - There are still some spots available for current 11th graders in DEEP (Pre-Engineering, Medical Sciences and Pre-Law) for 2016-2017 and will earn 12-13 college credits. Students need to submit a UM-F Dual Enrollment Application to counseling office ASAP.

CA STEM EARLY COLLEGE - There are still a few seats for the STEM Early College for current 10th graders interested in earning 44+ college credits in grades 11-13. These students need a minimum of 3.0 GPA and an interest in Medical Sciences or Pre-Engineering. Students need to see Mrs. Davis ASAP.

MOTT CC - Seats available - will likely be a blend of History/Humanities courses along with ASL (maybe from Baker College). Students need to do an on-line app for Mott and fill out a Dual Enrollment Certification.

Dress in Blue - Officer Steve Parker Memorial

This Friday, February 19th will be a DRESS IN BLUE day to collect donations for Officer Steve Parker's Memorial Fund. Any ideas for this? Red, White, Blue?

Survey Links

1. i3/SECEP (STEM Early College Expansion Project) - for Teachers, Counselors and Administrators

If you have not already completed this survey - please complete as soon as possible and send me a "DONE" email l when you have completed it.


2. Survey for PBIS - for ALL staff


3. College and Career Fair Survey

We are looking for feedback to improve the event for next year.


Options for the College and Career Survey...

1. Answer as a teacher or staff member

2. Answer as a CAHS course/program exhibitor

3. Answer on behalf of 1st hour students (as a whole class)

4. Give students the short URL and let them respond as individuals

5. Any or all of the above

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Little Mermaid - March 16-20th - CAHS Theater

MSBOA District III Band & Orchestra Festival February 26 and 27

On February 26 and 27, Carman-Ainsworth Instrumental Music will be hosting the MSBOA District III Band & Orchestra Festival at the High School. This is a huge event for our program as we welcome several area schools and ensembles throughout the weekend. In order to continue to make this a successful event for our program, we will need several adult volunteers throughout the weekend. We ask that you please consider volunteering some time to assist with this event.

To sign-up to volunteer, please follow the steps below:

1. Go to www.charmsoffice.com

2. Click on the green ENTER button and select Parent/Student/Member

3. Enter CarmAinsMSBand for the password

4. Click on the Public Calendar

5. Click on the Yellow Hand for either February 26 or February 27 for the MSBOA Band & Orchestra Festival event

6. Enter the requested information for the area(s)/times(s) of your choice

Performance Times:

Friday, February 26

* 4:00pm 7/8 Orchestra

* 6:40pm 7th Grade Band

* 8:45pm HS Symphony Band

Saturday, February 27

* 10:00am 8th Grade Band

* 11:30am HS Concert Band

* 1:30pm HS Freshmen Band

* 3:00pm HS Symphonic Orchestra

CORE Team and School Improvement

CORE Team will be meeting on Tuesdays - February 23rd, March 1st and March 8th at 2:30 p.m. to continue planning our Internal Mini-Visit in preparation for the AdvancEd Accreditation visit which will be in two years. Anyone is welcome to join. Tentative meeting location will be the main office conference room.

The Internal Mini-Visit involves staff from other C-A buildings meeting with a HS focus team, touring the building, and visiting classrooms in session. The date for this is March 15th from 8:30 - 11:00 a.m. We will be asking for artifacts from various content areas that demonstrate work towards our School Improvement goals.


We are also required to do a Program Evaluation as part of our School Improvement work for the Michigan Department of Education. This year we are evaluating the Vocabulary WoW (Words of the Week) Initiative - fidelity of implementation, student achievement (pre- and post-vocabulary tests), and use of vocabulary across content areas. and will continue to look at reading scores on standardized tests as part of this evaluation. Please follow directions from Jennifer O'Brien regarding the pre-/post- tests - either scan them in yourself (preferable) or get the Illuminate sheets to her for scanning.

Evaluations - REPEAT

We are nearing completion of the 1st round of Unannounced Observations and will be quickly moving into doing the 2nd round of Unannounced. I would like to recommend that you begin collecting and uploading any artifacts and documentation for domain 4 since that will be the final domain that we will review prior to writing the final evaluation. Don't submit until files are ready and expect communication from your administrator/evaluator when they are ready to review this part.

There are number of items required by law that will be included in the evaluations this year including:

  • The teacher’s attendance and disciplinary record
  • Significant, relevant accomplishments and contributions (over and above)
  • Relevant special training (over and above)
More detailed information to come on this portion.

If you have questions or concerns, please talk to your evaluator.

Spring Assessments - REPEAT

This spring, we will have a series of state assessments required for our students. Please plan accordingly and make sure that students are in attendance on these dates.

· March15 -March 26: English Language Learner students will take the WIDA test

· April 12-14: 11th grade students will take the SAT, ACT WorkKeys and M-Step Science and Social Studies assessments (or the MI-Access assessment).

· April 12-14 – MI-Access for 11th graders who are not taking the SAT.

· April 12 or 13: 9th and 10th grade students will take the PSAT 9 or PSAT 10

· April 26-28: Makeup test dates for students who have an authorized absence from the April 12-14th dates.

Subbing During Planning

From time to time we ask teachers to sub for other teachers during their planning time. In most cases this happens when a teacher has called in to let us know he/she will not be able to come in one or more hours, has to leave early, or due to late posting a sub has not picked up the assignment through AESOP, and we have to scramble to cover that teacher’s class or classes.

To cover classes, Lori often pages and/or calls teachers to find volunteers and we have had moderate success with this method sometimes struggling to find coverage. From this point on, we will utilize a rotation system to cover classes. We will first go to teachers who volunteer to sub during their planning hour, then we will rotate through other teachers with planning during the hour needing coverage. The rotation will ensure that the burden does not fall unevenly on any one teacher.

Directions for Self-Assessment

1. Match up with another person with two things that go together

EXAMPLE: Hamburger and fries

2. Find the table where a School Improvement Team Member has your category

Example: FAST FOOD

3. There are 6 stations to work through. Rotate clockwise when time is called.