Stop Wasting Money!!!!

Help us fight to lower teen car insurance!

Astronomical Teen Insurance Rates

"On average teens will pay anywhere from $2200 to $3000 a year for auto insurance!" That is almost $185-$250 a month, how can we teach out teens today about the "REAL" world if they cant even afford car insurance? The average teen makes about $150 a week. Not to mention they still need money for gas, auto repairs and this leaves them with little to no money.

Stress Nation

According to "USA Today" 51% of teens surveyed have a stress level of 4-7, this is without the stress of money. This is the toll of school, grades, extracuricular activities now throw the stress of not being able to pay bills, teens cannot handle it. Why are the actions of a few misguided teens interfering with my money?

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is this a big issue?

cannot prep teens for the real world if the cant afford it.

Why must we lower the rates?

Teens need to be taught responsibility at a price they can afford.

Help us give teen Drivers justice

Saturday December 13th, 2014, we'll meet outside Allstate in Milford to protest. Meet at 12:00pm. feel free to bring food and refreshments as they will not be provided.