The Great AC WAR

The Father of Electricity vs. George Westinghouse

Who was Nikola Tesla?

  • Nikola Tesla was an inventor/engineer that moved to the U.S. from Austria.
  • Tesla used to work for Thomas Edison until he quit because low pay and never being acknowledged for his success and also criticizing him by saying that his ideas were impractical.
  • Came up with hundreds of patents, but eventually died in New York while in poverty.
  • Created the concept and original idea of Alternating Current.

Who was George Westinghouse?

George Westinghouse an inventor , businessman and engineer
  • Brought LIGHT to New York with the use of an AC power plant in Niagara Falls
  • Created one of the first motors to be powered by AC current
  • Westinghouse was able to take AC to new heights than Tesla because of the amount of money Westinghouse spent
  • Westinghouse also bought the AC patent for Nikola Tesla

Who was Responsible for AC Current

Even though both inventors were responsible for the creation of AC the inventor Nikola Tesla was more influential in the creation of AC in return makes him more responsible. Westinghouse was just able to pour more money into AC then Tesla, but wasn't responsible for the creation of it, only the publication of AC. Tesla on the other was responsible for the idea of AC and in turn makes him the rightful creator of alternating current. All in all without Tesla original idea and concept of alternating current Westinghouse would’ve never finished his motor and we would still be using Direct Current which was limited in the distance of travel.