SAS 5th Grade News April 24

Where faith and learning grow hand-in-hand.

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The Catholic Christian Community of St. Anthony of Padua welcomes all to our celebration of God's love. Through prayer, education, sacraments, caring and stewardship, we strive to serve the needs of God's people and to gain a richer understanding of the gospel message of love.

In the Classroom This Week:


We are continuing to talk about how being created by God is the basis for self-respect and respect for others.

Language Arts

Students will be writing the final All-School Write. They will write a response to literature essay based on a book they have read during the school year. They should be implementing all of the writing strategies and techniques they have learned throughout the year.

Students will take Chapter 16 Spelling test on Friday. Students who received 100% on the pretest Monday will not need to take the test Friday, but will need to turn in their pretest from Monday.


Students began Chapter 15 on Monday. Chapter 15 teaches about units of measure. Students will learn how to convert different-sized standard measurement units within a given measurement system, and use these conversions in solving multi-step, real world problems.

Students will take the Chapter 15 Test on Friday. They will be able to use the 3x5 index card with the conversions for each unit.


In Science, we will be finishing the Chemistry Unit. This week we will learn about different types of chemical reactions as well as the difference between an acid and a base. Next, we will complete, and review, the study guide. Students will take the Chemistry Unit test on Monday 4/30.

Social Studies

Students are looking at 3 Branches of Government more in detail. We are making a flip chart to help compare the differences between the branches.

Students will take the Middle Region test Thursday. On this test students will only be asked the states and capitals, just like the first test.
Students will take their final states, capitals, and locations test on Wednesday, May 16. Spelling does count.

5th graders are learning the locations and capitals of all 50 states!

All 5th graders are expected to learn the location of each of the 50 states, as well as the capital of each state. Students will focus on small sections of the United States for two-week periods to learn the states and capitals in smaller chunks. We will map out each region together in class so students have a study guide.


No More Homework Club this Year

We will have Homework Club this week, but starting next week there will not be Homework Club.

Schedule Reminders

Saturday, April 28 is the School Auction. Please check the School Newsletter for more details.

Wednesday, May 2 is a minimum day with 12:30 dismissal to allow for staff development in the afternoon. Campus Care will be provided.

Friday, May 4 is Pastor Appreciation Day. Students will be making cards during class for Msgr. Rob to present to him at mass.

Friday, May 11 is Farewell Mass and Play Day. Check the Tuesday Newsletter from the office with more details.

Friday, May 25 is the End of the Year Party for both classes at Sierra Swim and Racquet Club. We will be at the club from 8:30- 2:30, more information and sign up sheets to come.

Thursday, May 24 is 8th grade graduation. This is also a minimum day.

Wednesday, May 30 is the Last Day of School with a Mass and Awards to follow. Students will be dismissed at 10:30 am. Campus Care will not be provided.