The told story of two paths crossing when least expected

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What makes this book an interesting read?

One word "Dialogue"! What kind of dialogue Marie Lu uses is what makes this book an interesting read and totally unique. The reason behind the very uniqueness in dialogue is that you get to see how the characters are reacting in their own lives in a similar way, even when they are on the complete opposite sides. When the author set the tone that you needed to understand both sides of the story it just added not only that you wanted to read more, but it made for an easier comprehension of the book as well. Easier comprehension of the book was due to the fact that both characters were going through almost the exact same problem, but on different ends of the spectrum, yet this book did not have an issue with reading slow. With books that are easy to comprehend they may go fast, but a book with two ends of the story being told it may have taken longer. Yet the book went surprisingly fast, and never got boring. So on to the next reason why I think the book is great.

The beginning of the book absolutely grabs your attention immediately, making it impossible to start another book because all you wan to do is focus on what's happening and thinking of what may happen next. The real attention grabber is that this whole book starts out in a shady type of environment, with this boy(main character Day) who is an international criminal simply looking for a cure for his family during a time where Plague has spread. If an author makes a beginning that mysterious you have to acknowledge the fact that the book is either going to be really good throughout the whole entirety of the book. Or worse it could start off as a great beginning and can just be horrible the rest of the book. Yet I do appreciate the fact that Lu not only holds that mysterious tone throughout the book, but she makes sure that the beginning is a big part to include in her books. Now on to my final great reason why this book is amazing.

The final detail of her unique book is that it is so descriptive, and she never leaves out the smallest detail. When authors use description in a book it's like taking yourself, and putting yourself in that characters shoes(that's if the author uses enough description for you to comprehend what's is going on). When she describes certain areas of the city( which sections of the city are called sector), and when she is describing those sectors you can tell just by her words that she uses what sector they are in. More than likely you could also imagine that you were there in that sector,or at least visualize what it would look like. o my final thoughts on this book is that it is such a great read and flies by considering it is over 200 pages. So if you are looking for a mysterious action packed series of books this book is definitely for you.