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March 16th

Principal Note

Each day, for the next two weeks, I will send out daily lessons for you to work with your child at home. Try to pace things out each day. By assigning and working over these next two weeks allows our county to apply for a waiver to the state avoiding making up these days in the summer.

Below is the daily assignments given by each grade level and specials class for Monday, March 16th. They will also reach out to you via email or APP used in class.

This link is to our website where you can download packets for each grade level.


-Two packets went home with your child on Friday – one filled with math and one filled with reading worksheets/activities. All of the worksheets in the calendar below refer to ones within these packets.

-Instructions for getting on iReady and IXL at home went home on Friday along with the packets. Student usernames and passwords also went home (in your child’s zipper pouch in his/her binder).

-We will also be sending home readers via email for you to read. There are questions to ask during and after reading on the first two pages of the reading packet.

Monday, March 16th

-Complete the Polar Bear Reading Comprehension worksheet

-Complete Compare within 5 worksheets (p35-36)

-15 minutes on iReady

-IXL.com – under the I. Consonant blends and digraphs tab – lessons 1 & 2

First Grade

Students are to read the passage The Picnic and answer the comprehension questions. Then for math they are to practice counting coins and complete packets pages 323-326. They can also log onto IXL for money practice.


  1. 1

    Names and values of common coins

  2. 2

    Names and values of all coins

  3. 3

    Count pennies, nickels, and dimes

  4. 4

    Count pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters

  5. 5

    Equivalent groups of coins

  6. 6

    Exchanging coins - with pictures

  7. 7

    Exchanging coins

  8. 8

    Money - word problems

  9. 9

    Purchases: do you have enough money?

  10. 10

    Compare money amounts

  11. 11

    Least number of coins

Second Grade


· - Math Packet Lesson 14 (subtracting 3 digit numbers with place value)
- Read the family letter together and ask your child to share with you the strategies they remember about this skill.

· - Complete Day 1 (prerequisite) activities – pgs 139 – 140.

· - iReady lesson paths AND/OR IXL – students should know how to log in independently and should know their log in information. If you need assistance with this, please send me a message via email or SeeSaw.

· - Check out this video on regrouping using place value.


· ELA Packet Lesson 2 (Finding the Main Topic)

· Complete Day 1 activities – pgs 24 - 25.

· IXL – students should know how to log in independently and should know their log in information. If you need assistance with this, please send me a message via email or SeeSaw.

· The following website has daily books and activities to keep your child reading and learning during this time at home! I encourage you to check these out daily. https://classroommagazines.scholastic.com/support/learnathome/grades-1-2.html


· BrainpopJr and Flocabulary are free resources available right now as well.

Third Grade

We hope you had a wonderful weekend. Today we will begin our at home learning journey. Please work with your child on the following skills/pages in their work packets:

Math: Multiplication and Division

Video: Multiplication and Division

Challenge: (see picture 1 below)

Work Packet: pg. 47-50 (Lesson 6)

iReady App (if technology is applicable)- 15-20 minutes

Multiplication Fluency Practice- Get up and Move to the 9's song

Reading: Main Idea and Key Details

Video: Main Idea

Work Packet: pg. 24-25 (Lesson 2)

IXL App (if technology is applicable)- 15-20 minutes


Video: Science Max-Friction


Southeast United States (see picture 2 below)

-Practice online here!

Thank you and have a great day!

-3rd Grade Teachers

Fourth Grade

As you have heard, we will be e-learning for the next couple of weeks. Each student brought home an ELA and Math Packet in their binders last Friday. (Mr. P also sent the packets via email in case your child did not make it home with a packet.) Each day on Seesaw, we will post additional activities/assignments that we would like your child to complete. We can take grades on assignments that are completed at home during this time. We have not decided if we are going to do this yet, so please make sure you keep EVERYTHING your child completes in their binder to turn in when they return. Students will receive points for EVERYTHING completed online and at home for a reward when we return to school.

Students will need passwords for the following during this time. We will post assignments from:

· iready (Contact Mrs. Haynes, Mrs. Stout, or Mrs. Hager for passwords) https://login.i-ready.com/

· IXL (contact your child’s teacher for passwords) www.learningfarm.com

· Brainpop/Brainpop Jr – Username: cheathampve Password: brainpop

Students may have these passwords in their binders.

If you have a public library card, it would be helpful to sign-up for the FREE e-book loan service at


This will help the students READ each day. You can also get free e-books on many book apps like Kindle and GetEpic.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!

Thank you so much,

The Fourth Grade Team


Please watch the summarizing video online at Summarizing Texts for Literature

Students will need to read and answer the questions on page 162-163 in the ELA packet.

Practice: Students will read a book of their choice and write a summary of that story on notebook paper. If no book is available, your child will go to www.storylineonline.net and search for the story “A Bad Case of Stripes.”

Online Practice: Students will go to IXL account and complete the Q. summarizing activity. If you have any questions or need passwords, please just message me.

Need some extra practice this week? Log-on to IXL and complete and of the activities under W. Prefixes and Suffixes (All of the skills under this tab help students with word meaning. This is super helpful with comprehension of difficult texts.


Packet: Students will need to read and answer the questions on page 289-290 in the Math packet.

Center: I will attach a partner center over area and perimeter that you can play with your child.

Online Practice: Students will go to the iReady webpage and practice at their level. If you have any questions or need passwords, please just message me.



I have set up a google site where I will be uploading different videos over the next two weeks. There is already an introduction video uploaded, but more should be up over the next few days. The link is below.


Thank you,


Physical Education

Students can get on youtube and do this workout!



Kids workout 1 Beginners

Computer Class

Computer lab students can practice the following over break:

2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades can practice their typing skills in typing.com. They do not need to log in to their account in order to practice. They will just click on students and lessons.

Kindergarten and 1st graders can play math games in ABCya.com

Ms. Margie

i-Ready login

Parent instructions to log on to i-Ready (our online program) at home –

1. Go to https://login.i-ready.com/

2. Click on the K-1 Card Login button

3. Use your child’s i-Ready log in card (in the zipper pouch of your child’s binder) to log your child in (your child knows how to log him/herself in at this point)

4. Click on the big green button that says “Next Lesson” to begin

5. After they complete the lesson, click on the “To Do” tab to continue to another lesson


Reading at home can make a huge difference!🙂

Choose books that are at an appropriate reading level for your child.

  • Use the five finger rule. Open the book to any page and ask your child to read. Put up a finger every time your child does not know a word. If you have put up more than five fingers before the end of the page, this book may be too hard for your child.
  • Choose books that match your child's interests and likes.
  • Keep plenty of reading materials in your home: books, magazines, newspapers, and comic books. Children enjoy a variety of reading materials.


Have your child work on this art picture and you can send it to my email for me to post or post it on our school Facebook page if you have an account.


Big picture


the attachment below is a free access code to ABCmouse that will be available free for a short time we are out of school.


March 30-April 3: Spring Break

April 9: Bank Day

April 10: No School Good Friday

April 13-17: Kindergarten Registration Week

April 17: Kindergarten Round-up 5-7

April 24: Progress reports

April 24: Run Day

May 1: Father/Daughter Dance

May 14: 4th Grade Award night 6 PM

May 15: Field Day

May 18: Field Day Back-up

May 18: 1st grade Award night at 5 PM

May 18: 2nd grade Award night at 6:30 PM

May 19: 3rd grade Award night at 5 PM

May 19: Kindergarten Award night at 6:30 PM

May 20: Last Full Day for Students

May 22: Report Card Day


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School releases at 2:45 pm

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