Nike Tennis Shoes

By Ashlyn Singer

How is the product made?


  • Organic Cotton- cotton grown and harvested without chemicals
  • Recycled Polyester- fewer environmental impacts,
  • Leather- largest solid waste produced by Nike
  • Environmentally preferred rubber- used to reduce rubber production.
  • PVC and Phthalates- used in screen print inks, plans in place to cut the amount of PVC in the inks.

How is your product used and for how long?

Nike shoes are used for a variety of sports and can last for any length of time depending on the level of intensity of the athlete. It is recommended that they are replaced every 400-500 miles to avoid injury.
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What happens when it is no longer needed?

Usually, old tennis shoes are thrown out in the garbage where they are taken to landfills. Tennis shoes could take up to 50-80 years to degrade in a landfill.

How do you reuse or recycle these products?

Instead of throwing your old tennis shoes in the garbage, donate them to Nike Reuse- a- Shoe. Donated shoes are ground down into raw materials that are then reused to make new nike products such as playing surfaces and clothing.

The Three 'R's.

The three 'R's create a "golden rule" that should be followed to preserve earth's biodiversity. By reducing our wastes we prevent landfills from filling up and polluting the ground. By reusing old products instead of buying new ones because they are newer and fancier, we also eliminate waste that could be avoided. And by recycling materials that are able to be salvaged we can turn waste into new products instead of piling them into a landfill.