MTPS 2013 iPad sharing session

6th April 2013

Join me to see how iPad is used in Physics class

Who can catch a $2?

In groups of 3, you will investigate whether you can catch a $2 note between your fingers.


  • Member 1 will be the "catcher" with your thumb and index finger held about 2 fingers apart.
  • Member 2 will hold a straightened $2 note vertically with the bottom edge align to the top of member 1's fingers. The note will be dropped without any warning and member 1 will try to catch the note by clamping his fingers shut.
  • Member 3 will film the action using the camera app.
  • Use CoachMyVideo app to analyse the video and draw your conclusion.

Writing a lab report

Refer to the link for the report format.

Use penultimate to create your report and submit to You can snap photos of the apparatus, procedures, etc, during the compilation of your report.

iTunes U

Now it is easier than ever to leverage students' iPad in classrooms or enable learning anytime and everywhere. The iTunes U course allows teachers to share learning in a powerful new way, and students get a rich learning experience using the iTunes U app for iPad. iTunes U is completely free!

Making thinking and learning challenges visible


Tools for making thinking visible when using youtube videos

Tools for collation of students' thinking

Towards self-directed learning


子曰 “学而不思则罔?思而不学则殆。”


Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

Tools for self-directed learning

Keeping in contact

Hi all,

I am Lee Tat Leong.

I am a Physics teacher with 12 years of teaching experience and I prepare my students for the Singapore-Cambridge A-level examination. I am also the Subject Head then the Head of Department for Education Technology since 2009.

I have been using technology for learning since 2004, starting with proprietary simulation software, such as interactive physics, and shifting gradually towards open source tools (Tracker and Easy Java Simulations) and tools for open learning (google docs, etc). As an ICT mentor since 2010, I am doing my best to spread the integration of ICT in Physics.

My belief and teaching

Sharing at seminars and conferences

Over the past five years, I had great opportunities to present and exchange my experiences with fellow like-minded educators on Physics education. This includes international conferences such as Raffles International Conference on Education 2008, Redesigning Pedagogy (2011). Local nationwide seminars/conferences such as Physics Instructional Programme Support Group (2009, 2011), Edutech (2010, 2011), National ICT sharing (2011), ICTLT (2012), etc.

Conference/Research papers bearing my name

  • Video Analysis and Modeling Tool for Physics Education: A workshop for Redesigning Pedagogy – 01/07/2012
  • Using Tracker as a Pedagogical Tool for Understanding Projectile Motion – Physics Education, Volume 47, Issue 4, July 2012
  • Using Tracker as a Pedagogical Tool for Understanding Projectile Motion – 27/06/2012
  • Entropy production and destruction in models of material evaporation – Journal of Physics D, Issue 34, 2001 (here)