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Explain Everything

Last week, Jessica was planning to be away from school for four days. Missing 4 days of school strikes fear in the heart of every teacher. However, using the Explain Everything app with her iPad, she was able to save those days of instruction.

With Explain Everything, she imported several slides from PowerPoint. It's important to note that when you import PowerPoint slides, Explain Everything flattens those slides which means you will LOSE all the animations and transitions.

Once the PowerPoint was imported into Explain Everything, she used the pen tool and recorded herself as she taught the lesson.

While recording, Jessica knew she had made a couple of mistakes, so she sent her Explain Everything video to me and I edited the video, removing her mistakes. I saved the finished video on the P drive and the sub showed the video.


  1. If you don't have Explain Everything, let me know and I'll purchase it for you.
  2. If you want to try this yourself, let me know and I'll sit with you and walk you through the process.
Explain Everything - Algebra 1

eBackpack - IN CHOIR

Susan came by last week and asked if I could show her how she could use eBackpack with her high school choir. I showed her how to scan documents and share them with the choir, but what she found most exciting was the audio recording function in eBackpack.

One of the goals for our iPad initiative was to improve the communication between teacher and student. One way we can accomplish this is with eBackpack. Using voice comments can help increase the communication between you and your students.


  1. When grading an assignment, add voice comments. Select an assignment > select Mark it > tap the microphone on the toolbar > tap on the document where you want your comment to appear > press the red record button.
  2. Make a voice recording and share it with your class. Open eBackpack > tap the blue plus (+) sign in the top right-hand corner > choose Record Audio > Press the blue Record button> Save > Choose the class you would like to share it with from the Shared Class and Group Files > Tap the blue Upload link.
  3. Create a recorded quiz.
  4. Students can submit recordings to you in eBackpack.

If you want to try to use voice recordings with your class, let me know and I'll walk you through the process.

eBackpack Voice Comments

eBackpack Updated Grading Tools

eBackpack recently updated the grading tools that are available on the web version. If you prefer to grade on your computer rather than your iPad, you now have some really great tools.

With this new update, you can write on a students paper using your mouse or you can add written comments on sticky notes. The video below will show you how to use these new tools.

eBackpack Grading Tools

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